Even if you are an amateur and your images are not published in glossy magazines, it does not mean that you cannot get good results with fascinating frames. One may think that to become a true professional, you need to take a number of master-classes, study mountains of information, watch hours of online tutorials and practice every day. In fact, it is true, but not all of us are going to devote ourselves to a photo art. In case you want to simply look well in front of the camera and learn a few smart techniques by photographers, then read this article and follow every tip.

1. Learn basic beach photography tips

Playing with light at sunset is a great opportunity to get extremely picturesque and unique shots with silhouettes. You need to plan this work in advance in order to be at the right time in the right place without wasting precious seconds for adjustments. It is good to outline your composition of a frame, thinking about the plot and poses.

For a couple, it is recommended to use unusual and original places and poses. For example, you can keep the sun on your palm, or let its rays pass between your lips during a kiss, you can create a big heart with your hands, etc.

Inscriptions and drawings in the sand will become a perfect asset for family photoshoots. Images with children's palms, footprints, as well as cute drawings are a great decoration of a vacation album.

If you decide to organize wedding photographing not only to be distinguished, but to simply emphasize the moment, then summer beach examples will be a great idea.

2. Study macro picture secrets

Every beach is full of ideas for unusual, creative photos and macro shots.

Among the most widely popular are traces and inscriptions on the sand, seashells on a shore, unusual sand dunes, castles, even cracked paint on a boat can look very interesting.

If you want to create macro photos, follow several basic steps for the best result. Try to lie down on the sand and stabilize your camera on a hard surface, it can be a bag, a book, anything that will help to avoid shaking. Be careful, because there is always a risk of damaging the camera with sea water or sand!

3. Beach portraits to remember

Even though a bright sunny day is not a good time for a beach portrait photography, it is worth trying. There is nothing so beautiful as taking a picture of your children in the water with happiness on their faces.

Children are usually very active. They are used to running, jumping, fooling around, and their plans do not include posing at all. If you need to catch them, it may seem hard work. Because children are the most capricious models. Beach shots photography with them is a great joy, and a good result is a double joy for all the family. Every parent is looking to capture the ideal shot of his child. Try to be candid and avoid telling them to pose or stand still. This will guarantee perfect picture examples in your family album.

For a dynamic image, set a short exposure (1/400) to catch movement when your little cute boy or girl refuses to wait. There is another interesting approach for family poses: give a task to your child to carefully examine the shell, or focus on building a sand castle. Focusing on the subject do not forget about the background.

If you do not have children yet, it does not matter, because there are plenty of ideas to photograph friends or girlfriends, having fun. For a great sensual result it is better to wait for a sunset or wake up early in the morning. This will guarantee necessary lighting and shadows without any effort.

4. Long exposure for a sea scene

Watch the weather and automatic settings of your digital device. Because one of the common mistakes of a great summer day is under or over exposing the shot. So try to capture several images of the same location with bracketing and choose the better option afterwards.

When imagining a landscape plot, pay attention to waves and nature around. Movement of water, splashing drops, sea foam can create an unusual effect.

If there is a tripod, do not hesitate to put a camera on it. And depending on brightness of light and on a desired result, select a certain shutter speed and other settings.

If you shoot at a slow shutter speed (long exposure), then the water will be blurry, almost like fog. At medium exposures from 1/60 to 1/250, the water will look ordinary. And at short exposures less than 1/500, the lens can catch out individual splashes, and you can get good creative pics.

5. Prepare yourself for a good photography on the beach

Before getting out to start working, pose at home in front of the mirror, try various facial expressions and angles. You can even take a few test images to check. Choose several advantageous angles that highlight advantages and hide disadvantages. Think over the image and look for some accessories. For example, it may be a hat, glasses or decorations, giving some romantic look. To complete the image it is better to choose jewelry, which is going to match your bikini.

6. Spend few minutes to choose your location

Even if everything looks the same, it can be represented completely differently. Stones and rocks look very beautiful near the sea, so do not miss the chance to take a few pictures with such a background. Even with a perfect pose and a stunning swimsuit people around may cause troubles for the final result. Of course, it is easily corrected with a slight retouch of specialized software. Otherwise, we advise to choose a place where you will avoid unnecessary company in the frame. Add an exotic cocktail in the foreground, or play on camera with different facial expressions. To get rid of sharp shadows caused by intense sunlight, it is better to use a flash. This technique allows you to reduce the contrast. Properly position the camera, otherwise the model will appear only as a dark silhouette.

7. Experiment with angles and show emotions

Catch moments with dramatic and cloudy weather. Do not follow other people, waiting only for sunny days. More atmosphere is guaranteed with such small, but significant details as rainy clouds or stormy waves.

Sometimes the most successful frames are obtained during improvisation. Jump, run, get into the sand, run away from waves, go crazy. In the end, you will demonstrate dynamic photos with deeper emotions.

The most advantageous time for beach photography ideas is in the morning or evening. Models, places against the sunset look especially attractive. But do not forget that the sun sets very quickly, and you have only 2-3 minutes to create amazing results.

8. Use technical tools

UV filters and polarizers are almost a must have for both amateur and professional photographers, because of various advantages during the shooting. Additional filters and tools help to avoid risk of damaging the lens with too bright light. And polarizing effect is among the most widely appreciated for its sensitivity to colors and shades. Every shot can change its look with the right settings and filters. It does not matter if you shoot at night or try to take several landscape samples, blue sky contrast is better to be viewed through a polarizer.

9. Keep it trendy with girl summer beach photo ideas

Let us spend a few words on common girly problems to get amazing shots. Sit on sand and imagine that this is the best day of your life. You are free from daily routine and nothing distracts you from enjoying summer time.

Bend your back and knees slightly and face the sun. Add a little romance to your look. Turn to the sea and look at the horizon that separates the sky from the sea. Think of something nice and pleasant.

Sit comfortably on the rock with one hand in the hair. Play with accessories, touch the sunglasses with one hand and be free in your movements. Show off the beauty of your body, smooth curves of your waist and hips. Conquer everyone with your smile. Take a few close-up shots and play with facial expressions. Give the whole range of your emotions. Hair is one of the main assets of every girl. Play with it, lift it up or make a wave. This effect is not easy to achieve, most likely, you will have to spend much time and a few dozen frames, but it is worth trying.

10. Try different settings for interesting beach photoshoot ideas

Stand back to back, hold hands and look at the camera. The guy may hug the girl or jump, holding hands. Get on your knees, facing each other. Make a nice conversation, flirt and kiss. Such frames are the most popular. And sometimes, it does not matter which position you choose. Photos must be alive, talk about your feelings. Show some relationship chemistry. There should be a lot of inner beauty.

Each person can be photogenic. If your curves are different from the ideal parameters, this does not mean that pictures are not going to impress. Do not be ashamed of yourself, getting deeper into the world of complexes. Wide hips are simply hidden with the help of hands: lower one arm along the thigh, while the other can be placed on the thigh. Use additional items and accessories to hide certain areas. Be creative, making black and white pictures to impress friends and relatives with your approach. Show the camera the most amazing smile, because this is the best seaside vacation.

Practice with poses, settings, tools and post-processing software to achieve great results. Changing beaches, photography will be successful only due to hard work and experience. Do not waste your time on theory, start getting your own skills as soon as possible.