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Architecture Photography
31 May 2023
Architecture is one of the most technically complex genres of photography. Architecture photography allows you to travel back in time and follow the development...
Guide to Smartphone Photography
31 May 2023
They say that the best camera is the one that we always have at hand. Today, this role is played by the smartphone. It will not replace DSLRs, but it is always...
How to take vintage photography
31 May 2023
Vintage photography emerged after the publication of the first professional colour photography. Today, vintage photography is reborn in a nostalgic search for a...
How to avoid reflection in glass photography
31 May 2023
If one looks at something for a long time, it seems that it should be of interest. So sooner or later one can find its perfect photo motives. Thinking about how...
How to use Lines in Photography
31 May 2023
Nowadays everyone who has a digital camera can consider himself to be a modern expert in this art. There are many rules and standards, which are known and used...
How to capture motion blur in photography
31 May 2023
Some people consider the best image to be absolutely free of any movement. But if you are not one of those, then you know that one of the main tasks is to captu...
How to license your photo?
30 May 2023
Where to sell your portfolio? Understand the photography license Get into more details on image licensing Why is it important to respect copyright...
Time Lapse Photography
30 May 2023
The history of creating an image without the help of paints interested people many centuries ago. The first remaining camera-made image was provided by Nicephor...
What is white balance photography?
30 May 2023
How does white balance work? Remember the difference between light sources How to set white balance without errors? How to adjust white balance man...
The Exposure Triangle Understanding: Guide for Beginners
30 May 2023
Focus on an exposure triangle cheat sheet. Keep in mind the exposure triangle for beginners. Control the dynamic motion in the exposure triangle calcu...
How to choose the right reflector for photos?
30 May 2023
Choose your color type. What are reflector's photography frames? Use the top shape and size reflectors What are the reflector size guidelines? L...
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