There is no other better way to tell about your family and important events in your life if not to enjoy lifestyle photography. It helps to share amazing feelings about your everyday life with people who care about you. Hire a professional photographer and this fantastic time outdoor with kids and accessories will become a creative adventure with a great portfolio of pictures.

Still, it is necessary to remember that even if this photoshoot seems to be casual and natural, serious planning and portrait techniques play a significant part in it.

Every participant of a family lifestyle photography has to feel himself as a model and behave in that way. Perfect backdrops and awesome locations will never help to realize an advertising product if all the members do not collaborate when the camera shoots.

There is no time and chance to recompose the moment. You can only edit the scene or add features to this or that image. It means that families have to enjoy the process, thinking about the beauty of the event.

A good camera is not a must but a device you know well will be of great help. Post-processing is always at your disposal to correct light, shadows, skin imperfections and clothes online. You can use a face replacement app, if you want.

This article will provide some lifestyle photography tips for beginners to understand its definition.

1. Find your angle.

This style is known for its unexpected images. That is why the idea to capture the same scene from different viewpoints is actually more than ever. Do not be afraid to shoot below or from above. This is a great way to catch the right moment. Inspiration is always welcomed in this situation.

2. Cheat and make fun of it.

Sometimes families feel too much pressure during the shooting. In this case, professionals lie to them telling that they are not shooting but just setting the camera to start. This is a good tool to calm people during the shooting. Otherwise, the result will need too much processing. And there is no guarantee to avoid epic fail hashtags online.

3. Use traveling experience for business.

Do not plan six months in advance for your shooting. Successful pictures can be easily captured during trips, preserving an authentic image of people around. Natural emotions and background are a classic basic of all photography types.

4. Avoid recomposing.

Just trust us, there is no way to repeat the same feeling or emotion in this kind of shooting. If you are working with an amateur family then there is no chance to take another shot of the same situation. Be sure to capture the right image from the first time. Be fast and professional.

5. Control general setting and light.

This shooting is the one which basically requires as many natural accessories as possible. Light is one of those. If the picture is not planned to be used for an advertising magazine or portal, just go outdoors and look for sunlight. Leave reflectors and lamps in a studio.

6. Set a camera in the most appropriate way.

The fashion style of this shooting needs every picture to look like a selfie or smartphone shot. This is the only way to succeed in results. That is why camera settings need to guarantee maximum results with fewer failures caused by sharpness and composition. Anyway, you always can improve your photos with a picture color changer.

7. Play with modern lenses and closeups.

There is no basic rule for shooting big families with newborns. Every modern photographer has to be ready to close up to realize the necessary frame. Baby pictures require more professionalism and patience. Be sure to have both in your bag. Use several types of lenses to obtain different images of the same scene.

8. Prepare the location.

Talk and discuss which will be a perfect destination for reflection of natural emotions or read our guide "How to find photoshoot loсations". Lifestyle shoot ideas are based on calm and happy moments of everyday life. That is why it is important to find such a place, where models will feel this way.

9. Do not overdo the frame.

Avoid using too many objects in a frame. The natural effect is guaranteed with the presence of basic items and emotions on people's faces. Get entertainment for children and the perfect shot is almost ready.

10. Use a perfectly organized location.

Make sure that the shooting place is clean and organized. It has to be authentic, but it does not mean to be a huge mess. There is no possibility to obtain a good picture with an overloaded frame. In this case, you will have to use photo processing options eliminating objects from a picture and cleaning the room with photoshop tools. Respect your time and prepare the room in advance.

11. Take into consideration the importance of details.

People captured in their homes are considered to be the most natural models with almost 100% of image success. That is why take a look at the environment and its effect on the frame. Items around have to complete the picture, not to ruin it with its presence. If it is a children’s room, organize toys and games. The living room has to include items that tell the story about all the family.

12. Make several shots of the same moment.

Being too concentrated on models and their emotions, the photographer often may not notice some elements, which can destroy the idea. It is better to have more than one picture to choose the best option to work with. After all, modern phones and cameras permit the storage of a larger number of images thanks to memory cards. Do not stop shooting all the time, not to miss a significant moment.

13. Find an assistant.

It may only seem easy and nice to be together with someone in movement, trying to catch the moment. In real life, it is a good idea to have a person who will help, carrying necessary accessories and providing safety during shooting. It is important for adventurous pictures of wildlife. Fun activities should be fun but safe as well.

14. Capture activities.

In order to understand what is lifestyle photography, it is necessary to understand the life of the family you need to shoot. Some of them are fond of drawing, others running or singing. In any case, the best idea to capture an event in the life of every family is to make them move. It means that you need a motion photo shooting. Do not leave models steel with classic posing. Make them run, jump and have fun in the most exciting way. Of course, they need to feel comfortable in every activity they perform. Talk to them and find out which suits them more.

15. Cancel rules.

Do not make people think you are the boss. Make family do whatever makes them feel fine and have fun. Breakfast time or cooking is always a good idea. Even morning preparations to go to school or work can give a huge number of great pictures. Try to be an invisible follower of the family in their routine. Make them feel nice about your presence. Limit yourself only with some tips to give to your models.

16. Do not focus on shooting.

Make your clients feel good from the first moment of your meeting. Make them relax and offer to do something they enjoy. Make jokes and have fun together. Offer to behave like some animal or make weird sounds to laugh. This will guarantee genuine emotions and perfect shots. If kids want to run instead of sitting on the chair, make them do what they want. Avoid being harmful for their mood.

As soon as you decide to capture people in their everyday routine to create a great album, you will find out how many sweet moments we experience without notice. Kissing, candid smiles, blowing bubbles and playing active games can create a magic atmosphere for perfect photography. The key tip to remember is to keep everything alive, natural, demonstrating emotions and relationships between people. Try not to guide people, but their activities. Because the way people do is the key element of this shooting style. Use wide angle-lense and create a story to tell with pictures. Prepare your location and give it a try.