Andrey Kazanovsky

Creative Director, co-Founder RetouchMe, Ukraine

He started his career as a professional photo designer and retoucher. Professional commercial photographer with 20 years of experience. He is a leading advertising photographer and has worked as a food photographer with Michelin-starred chefs. His work with models can be seen on the calendars of many leading companies in Ukraine. He was the owner of the photo studio and photo school "Happy Duck".

A separate direction of his work is "modern photography". In his works, the author seeks meaning in beauty and puts ideas into his projects. Many of them are in private collections. Author of social photo projects in the city of Dnipro (Ukraine). Participant of charity auctions, author of two solo exhibitions. His hobbies include travel photography, cinema, and cooking.

He is now the creative director and co-founder of RetouchMe:

  • RetouchMe App is a photo editor that allows you to get impressively realistic photo retouching and video processing.
  • - batch photo editing service for professional photographers.

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