The world of sales in today's reality has migrated smoothly from offices to the Internet space, and we use various Internet sites as tools instead of telephone and meetings. The sites we are talking about were originally designed to entertain people. To date, social media and networks not only occupy a significant part of the trade and make it more convenient. This gave birth to a notion of a micro and macro influencer.

What is considered a micro influencer?

So, who is a micro influencer? This is a person whose recognizability on a particular site allows you to create a mutual interest between his brand and the public, which creates such a concept as supply and demand. After all, in essence, what is a brand? This is what we are used to seeing on store shelves, we buy it because we are confident in the products’ quality. That is essentially a brand is trust and loyalty.

The same happens on sites on social networks, first you build a loyal audience, creating interesting content. After that, advertisers may already pay attention to you, and you will start earning from your recognition. But instead, many people prefer to create something on their own to not become dependent on advertising and not spoil their audience with it. After all, no matter how much you love your content maker, you are unlikely to endure for long if all he does is earn your attention through advertising, right?

So, Instagram users with an audience of like 2000 up to 30000 get their niche and become micro-influencers.

How to become a micro influencer on Instagram?

So how do you become successful in this regard? As we said earlier, credibility creates a brand. And when we look at brands like Nike and Adidas etc., we see the logo and the name. Instead, it will be your face and the name of your following page. Your look is very important because as your popularity grows you will start to get not only likes and reposts but also criticism of you for any little thing.

Improve your look

Since Instagram is mostly photo content, you can go for various tricks in terms of photo editing to achieve the goal of the flawlessness of your brand. Make your face clean, remove puffy eyes, add tan or add tattoo, or do all of the above. If you have full body photos on Instagram that may affect your presentation, and you are a girl, you can change your appearance, make arms smaller, your bust bigger, get rid of glare in photos, and basically improve the look of any part of your body if that is required. This will become your daily routine, and only sounds complicated at first. Given the growing popularity of photo editing apps, it is going to be quite easy to do these kinds of things. If you have a hard time with it, you may use our RetouchMe app, where our best photoshop designers will work on your photos.

Build your auditory

You do not need that much of an audience to start. As we said earlier getting like 1000-2000 followers already gives you some opportunities, and the bigger you are, the more offers you will get. All you got to do is to be an interesting person and set engagement for your auditory.


Since our site is dedicated to photography in general, we couldn’t miss an opportunity to say a couple of words about how good photographers do on Instagram. If you are just a beginner photographer, you may search for famous photographers to follow. What it does, besides you can learn stuff from bigger influencers, is that if you grow bigger you will start getting more offers from those who would not have a chance to get the attention of the macro-influencers because they are stocked with offers already. But what those influencers with bigger auditory needs are to filter these offers. You may act as that filter. It does not sound as good, but you always have to start somewhere if you want to occupy a niche and grow into something bigger in the future. And in case you got something big offered, and are unable to cover the needs, you can always ask those who will appreciate that, therefore build a partnership with them to share the margin and work. Not just by that, you can also negotiate to post and repost each other with other micro-influencers who are you not going to compete with. That way, if your theme is photography, you may look for influencers that do something different. If your both audiences are pretty equal, why wouldn't you help each other, considering your audiences may have cross-interests?

Why micro-influencers are doomed to succeed?

As we said earlier, there are many offers that can not reach celebrities. On top of that, micro-influencers are more affordable. Micro is a key word here, and the world has a trend to go from something smaller to something bigger. Therefore, you will have the same good influence getting more of these micro offers as if you would do something bigger. All you got to do is to be really passionate about your niche, you have to enjoy what you are doing, and then neither the auditory nor success won’t leave you unknown.

On top of that, if you are focused on a certain niche, that means you will have a dedicated audience that is looking for that particular niche. The feedback and the engagement rates would be greater from the marketing standpoint.