Start preparing your picture album in advance, to have something to show to you children and grant children. There is no other better possibility to get her your friends and have fun than your prom.

Prom Photography Tips and Ideas

1. Talk first to prepare prom picture ideas

There are no strict rules and standards for a perfect shot. Every personality differs from the other with its character and appearance. Even the most experienced photographer can not guess which pose will better suit this or that girl or boy. Classic lists of ideas may seem to be annoying for most models even if there are teens. Try to talk to your group of kids to know them better and understand which approach to use during the shooting. You may never know if the couple is dating or just enjoy being good friends. This information is essential for choosing the right mood and plot for each portrait.

2. Make you own group composition

Sometimes there are more than 2 or 3 models. In this case it is better to combine personalized and group shooting. Everyone has to get his individual portrait, as well as couples which have decided on their relation level. It is important to make models feel free to behave as they like and enjoy. Relaxed pose is the best for every occasion. Try several pics with various hand positions to find the best for every character. If a stress level is still growing, then only distractive activity or funny accessories can save the plot. Flowers, umbrellas and sweets will become a great asset for a photoshoot.

3. Be creative, make candid homecoming pictures

Most teens do not think of posing and stress before shooting. That is why, the moment of their arrival and preparation at home is one of the most storytelling for a viewer and themselves. Camera could be always ready to capture every awesome moment of the evening. This is prom photography, which is going to remain with them as a great youth memory for many years. Some successful images may become even famous art masterpieces, which will be priceless. You will never know if there is a future John Lennon or Madonna in front of you.

4. Control hands and prom poses

Just watch the teenage couple or groups all the time to avoid sad mistakes with interlocked fingers. This gesture is sweet and nice for a couple, but there is no retouching software, which is able to correct this “hand lock” without damaging the overall effect. Find poses, which are comfortable and sometimes even formal. This will help to obtain beautiful results without tense.

5. Find a cute indoor or outdoor spot

Prom photo ideas seem to be different, but have the same rules for light and contrasts. That is why it is necessary to prepare in advance a great location and accessories. Cool homecoming picture poses are usually made in neutral parts of the house or in front of the door. The key subject should be the model itself and not some clutter behind them. Do some cleaning, when a perfect spot for s sunlight and flash will be found. Every shot will have to be processed, according to requests. It is always a good idea to highlight the hair or dress details.

6. Play with camera settings

Such a significant event in the life of young people can not be destroyed with wrong camera settings. There are no winning positions and smiles to correct wrong white balance or flash absence. Study your digital device first to learn every single button and effect it offers. Practice on other personalities and models to find out the best values and shutter speeds for outside and inside photos.

7. Do not exaggerate

Do not try to complicate your life with sophisticated ideas and plots. Teenagers are stressed enough with their school event and they are not going to have fun climbing on the tree or getting into the pond. Just choose the right sunlight, better sunset with some simple or even candid shots. And make sure you have cool music on and a good mood of guys in the frame.

8. Use props

Additional accessories are useful not only for models, but photographers as well. Tripods are essential for every type of shot. It will be ridiculous not to use it now. Because every handshake guarantees long post-processing work with complicated editing tools. Just accept this help from a simple device and avoid blurred faces.

9. How to take prom pictures of big groups?

None said it would be easy to capture a successful moment when everyone is concentrated on your camera. In fact it is impossible to take a picture of a group without someone who is blinking or watching in another direction. It is stressful and not an easy task to attract the attention of young school seniors, but it is possible with a quiet and simple way. Just ask all of them to close their eyes for an instant and open them with a smile on three. Such tips always work not only for teens, but adults as well. Make more than five shots and there will be definitely something good to work with afterwards.

10. Find a great view point

Do not neglect the possibility to examine the location of the shooting. There are no exact points to suit everyone. You may surprisingly discover places, which can create various moods for subjects. It does not matter if it is a sweet dance with a boyfriend or classic greeting posture.

11. Practice different prom picture poses

To get an interesting shot, everything you need to do with your group is to distribute it all over the frame in various postures with face expressions representing a variety of emotions. Some of them may be standing, others can sit on the bench and even lay down to have more fun. Make sure that everyone is doing something personal and does not stand steel and nervous, waiting when everything is going to end. This approach helps to add a little entertainment to a whole picture album.

12. Make it easy and less challenging

Try to use more neutral poses without intimate hugs and kisses. Not every kid is enjoying such a photo, especially public demonstrations. V-Up is a great basic option for all ages and occasions for its simple and nice look. It always turns out to be a success afterwards. So why not use it?

13. Retouch and rotate

Shooting can be difficult or entertaining, but the editing process can be shortened not only with successful prom picture poses, but helpful correcting software. Do not waste time learning the secrets of photoshop, but enjoy easy tools of retouching programs available online. All kids want to look great in their albums to remember this moment with a smile and satisfaction. Spend some minutes to correct tiny visual defects and make a memorable gift. Pre-publication of the album is an important period to eliminate all possible errors and light problems.

Remember basic Prom Tips:

  • Face. Half turn will enhance the beauty of every face in a photo. It doesn't matter if it's a prom couple picture or a wedding. This trick is widely used by all models and experts of photography.
  • Arms. Just relax or make some small ten second exercise with your hands before posing. Warm them up to obtain a smooth and natural look. Practice in front of the mirror and there will definitely be a right solution for everyone.
  • Emotions.There is no need to "squeeze" out emotions, which are not present. Stay calm and natural if you can. Prom picture ideas are based on sincere feelings and sensations about this specific moment of a life. It is ok if you feel sad or happy. Just show it in your own natural way.