Photo manipulation is a creative process of editing images in order to create some graphic effect of optical illusion. This operation can be done both with the help of changes in landscapes and backgrounds, and using digital editors.

Photoshop term is often associated with image processing in order to get something cool and sometimes supernatural. If you compare photo manipulations with woodworking, then pixels can be considered as a tree, and photoshop is a workshop. What are separate tools for processing of material? What is going to serve as saws, drills, grinding machines and other things? There are some basic tools to use in this amazing and abstract art apart from fantasy and inspiration. This is a small and easy tutorial to understand best the definition and difference of manipulator elements.

Photo correction and picture manipulation are absolutely different things. Because some beginners continue to think of it as the same process but with different names. Editing the snapshot you are only trying to delete mistakes made by poor lightings, wrong background or skin imperfections. And when your aim is to manipulate a portrait, it means that you are going to create something globally different from what is demonstrated in the original shot.

Such tasks can be done for different reasons, like advertisement, art example, book cover idea, etc. Professional designers and graphic experts are able not only to digitally improve portraits but composite amazing stories with the help of small tools.

Find your optimal method to create

There are no perfect options for an ideal place and device to create new masterpieces. Most experts are used to working in offices with expensive equipment and software. Still there are more easy ways to practice photo manipulation ideas. Specialized applications and programs for beginners and experts are available online. Using simple tutorials you can feel yourself a real graphic designer. There are also options of software which makes it even more comfortable for users in the process, because all the work is done by an online photoshop artist. Of course, it makes others practice their creativity, but results may also surprise as well.

Use photos of highest resolution

For such an artistic work, only high quality photos are needed. It is obvious that small, dark and pixelated images will get worse during processing. That is why it is better to make sure that original versions of pictures are able to guarantee maximum effect without color distortions. Every detail makes the difference, when it comes to manipulation photography.

Keep your imagination awake

There is no need for too much practice or skill to understand if several shots can be combined together. Someone would say some talent is a must, but it is better to try by yourself. Because you never know if creative thinking is your asset or not. Imagination is an essential part of our minds, that is why there is only one way to find out if it works. Direct it in a most artistic way.

Be ready to use brushes

Paintbrushes are one of the most used items. Nothing can add necessary strokes better to the image exactly in the right place. Customized brushes ideally edit an image from a polished computer look to a more realistic one. Smoke is one of the natural elements that is very difficult to draw by hand. But when you have a set of smoke brushes of good quality then you do not need to paint them, just one click is enough, and you can draw a great smoke column!

Keep in mind ink hatch unique tips

Most photo manipulation techniques require the addition of realistic and believable effects of aging and shabby. When you have a set of scratch brushes in hand, the task will be easier.

If you are working on a landscape or a building-sized image, one way to show scale is to use bird silhouettes. You do not need to draw them, and it will be much easier to focus on the main subject of your drawing. Silhouette examples will become a useful idea.

Use textures in photo alteration

Textures are used a little differently. They usually cover a larger area than brushes, and they give the advantage to transfer color information where brush does not. Scratched concrete textures are ideal for applying them on top of an untouched surface, and then apply a blending effect for a surface color. One of difficulties of filling the field with digital grass is the need to achieve the right scale, and yet fill the whole area. Grass textures generators can cope with this task perfectly well.

Nowadays there is nothing so simple than searching online. It can be done from every part of the world, using even the most simple digital device. That is why when you are planning to start a creative hobby, then it is better to start with a quality search. Ask searching engines and social networks to demonstrate ready masterpieces. Their work will help you to determine the method they use and their mode of thinking. It will play an important role in your formation as a photoshop artist.

Look at this simple from the one hand and impressive image, which tells us a small story. There are not many tools to use and backgrounds to try, when there is an effective way to express your idea about life. It is probably only one picture which was used to realize this image with the help of a girl's face and additional photoshop rain and clouds. Light has always its part in every short, the same we can observe above.

Sometimes it may be nonsense to use empty cans for surreal photo manipulation, but many artists prove that we are wrong. Such an attitude to every simple item in the frame can give an endless number of possible plots for shooting.

Animals are considered to be very natural and easy subjects for portraits. That is why every creature can become a model, together with classic approach and the smallest part of imagination. This shot seems to be simple but sends a significant message to viewers.

Nature is the most photogenic model one can ever find. That is why many artists try to use it here and there to improve frames and plots. This is where you can check if there is also a talent in your view of things. It is not enough to know when to press the shutter button or to edit light and shadows. You must clearly see the final result and which emotions it can arise in the mind of a viewer.

Even the most simple frames can make the difference when a skillful and inspired person will look at it. It means that you can be one of them, if you enjoy changing routine objects into artistic pieces. Some images fuel our creativity and inspiration, others need to be fixed to obtain surreal photo manipulation. There is only one person to decide if it is going to become a creative view or a simple landscape.

Do not depend on society, practice your trend and become an outstanding photographer, trying to publish your works in social networks. There is no other place so populated and full of free judges, which are waiting to estimate every move.