Ideas for senior pictures are considered to be the most searched online. Everyone wants a unique memory from their prompt and graduation. It is an important moment in the life of every teenager and his or her parents. Such albums are full of memories and nice events that become a powerful source of love and positive emotions for the rest of their lives.

1. Make them sit and stand in all locations

Indoor and outdoor places for shooting can impress with a variety of options to try. Sitting in new poses or standing near interesting textures creates an interesting effect and character. Use every possibility to discover new ways to see the same interiors.

2. Try graduation photo ideas for fun in a class

It is a great idea when photographers come to school and film graduates all day long. Guys and girls behave like as if they are having a class, as usual, photographers capture all the moments. So there is a living story that can be told in a photo. Several photographers work at once to capture all students from different angles, to make a general image and large shots.

3. Go to the city streets

Use the city landscape to obtain street style pictures for graduates. They can pose in groups or separately to show their readiness for adult lives. Use their characters to choose accessories for shooting. Every student has its way and personality.

4. Choose senior pictures clothes ideas in school uniform

There is such a standard in some universities and high schools, to have a unique outfit for all the students. Not all the institutions comply with these canons, but an exception can be made for a creative portfolio. It can be carried out both in the classroom and in a studio, with additional props.

5. Find natural props to assist shooting

Roads, bridges, and additional constructions outdoors will help to invent new ideas for shooting. Tell a story with a single picture, showing a graduate walking along the bridge or road with a backpack for the future adult life. It is a funny and emotional image that will definitely touch everyone’s hearts.

6. Have fun with college graduation photo ideas at the blackboard

All students and teachers are captured in a classroom, having previously equipped an area for shooting. Photography is taken in front of the blackboard. Anything can be drawn on it. Some mathematical rules or tasks. Imagination can offer various options for a funny and colorful background. Then all these photos, taken in the same style, are combined into a beautiful picture collage.

7. Blow glitters and confetti in camera

Use glitters to blow into the lens of a camera. This is a simple and effective way to improve every picture without photoshop. A smiling face and a happy colorful frame create a necessary atmosphere. Necessary camera settings and professional skills of the photographer will provide a perfect result in the graduation album.

8. Include other participants in the shooting

Student enjoys spending time not only with their classmates but pets as well. Brothers, cousins and home pets are welcome to participate in indoor and outdoor shooting for graduates. Their personalities are better shown when they are together with their favorite cats, dog, or parrots.

9. Play supermodels, when considering senior pictures ideas for girls

The idea of ​​a photo shoot where everyone will try on the role of a model is always in fashion. Practice group and individual poses, party dress, and hairstyles. The graduation album has to be published in the form of a fashion magazine. Pages with graduates resemble posters with models.

10. Create own backdrops and accessories

DIY props are very useful for every type of photography. Graduates can draw and create some banners and drawing by themselves without any expense but much joy and laugh. Use every way possible to demonstrate their character and hobbies.

11. Ride a bicycle or surf

Try different activities. Serious posing is also included but graduates are known to be more active than usual models. Make the move and try sports and ways to express themselves.

12. Use rustic style ideas for senior pictures outside

These are charming photos surrounded by nature and rural landscapes. You need to go to the countryside and preset the right place outdoors. Such a location for portraits can be decorated with bouquets and a relaxed atmosphere.

13. Test various poses for students

Being a student does not mean being a model. Usually, you may never know which is the best pose for this or that graduate. Make them move and jump, stay silly and crazy to show character and emotions. It will help to make them feel relaxed and enjoy final pictures in the album.

14. Help with clothing ideas

If there is no unique clothing style than it is better to give some common advice to participants. Everyone can put on clothes which make them feel comfortable and nice. Everything should be clean and prepared for different activities planned during the shooting.

15. Practice senior pictures ideas for teen shots at school

Use classrooms of chemistry, physics, history to take funny pictures. Pretend as if students are conducting fun experiments with reagents and artifacts. Images should not be serious, on the contrary, full of laugh and action. Capture several students at once.

16. Try boho style for boys and girls

This is a universal idea for all genders which suits everyone in each age. Natural accessories and simple clothes help to show real characters and emotions. Invite graduates to play forest dwellers and be relaxed.

17. Discover hobbies in boy senior pictures ideas

Each student can be photographed with an object that characterizes him or her. For example, Jim is a famous football player, and Susan is a gorgeous member of a cheerleading team. Let in Jim kick the ball and capture Susan in action. Such pages should have a thematic design.

18. Invite a best friend to pose together

Friends in high school and university usually rest for all the life term. Do not forget to invite best friends to pose together in crazy poses. Have fun trying to remember all the adventures you had and going to have in the future. These are the best emotions to show on the pictures of a graduation album.

19. Celebrate Holi festival in graduation photo backdrop ideas

Bright and joyful photos on campus or elsewhere will provide the warmest memories. Arrange that same Indian holiday. Have fun with colors and smoke bombs! Such a shot will be even more fun than university graduation itself. Feel free to shower each other with rainbow colors, and then you will see the result in a photo album. It will be especially nice to color teachers without announcement, inviting them to participate in a photoshoot.

20. Shoot in gowns for all genders and ages

Many have been dreaming since childhood to put on mantles and hats for masters. Finally, the day to enjoy such posing in front of a camera has come. Shooting can be done in a studio, at school, or even outdoors. The main thing is a variety of funny poses to make the album look alive. The quantity of black gowns requires attention to light and faces. Use online picture editors or Photoshop assistants to adjust images.

21. Capture pictures with a year of graduation

The idea is to photograph each graduate with a date that looks different. Someone has these figures are depicted in the form of balloons. And other students write it behind on the blackboard. Guys can get onto the floor, where the year and class are written in chalk. These are all different photos, united by a single DIY idea.

22. Compare before and after photos

Each graduate has many photos from birth. The idea is to capture already mature graduates with their children's pictures. Old photos can be put into the hand: let them show themselves. And the album itself should contain some pictures of different years. Such an idea will demonstrate how a graduate has changed over time.

23. Enjoy balloon photoshoot

Collect more bright gel balloons and capture the whole class with them on campus. Bounce as if you are taking off. Photographer will capture each graduate individually, holding a bunch of balloons, which picks it and carries him or her up. Use additional glitter and confetti to add festivity and fun.

24. Transform senior pictures poses ideas in antique style

Beautiful dress, tailcoats, gorgeous hats. Use any historical event as a basis, and make a thematic photo shoot. Everyone will be interested to see the result: what is it like, to look like a countess or a king.

25. Keep it simple and authentic

Go to an ethnographic complex. Work not only on costumes but also on the look. Have you seen beautiful photos with girls in wreaths, original costumes, jewelry online? If you think over the images and take a photo against the backdrop of an old hut, you get a very stylish photo album.

26. Get into a mafia and criminal intent with a graduation album

Stylish photo shoot in black and white. Here “godfathers", gangsters, and Bonnie and Clyde’s image is used. It’s easy to implement vintage shooting, now it’s full of props that suit the style. Choose the idea and go for it to impress friends and relatives.

27. Match students with superheroes

Pick up any image that is close to each student. Someone is still a fan of Captain America, someone is an ironic Doctor House. A strong mathematician fits the restrained image of Sherlock. Transform guys into different images and take thematic photos in a studio with props. In a final album on the sidelines, there will be funny notes about each student, why he or she has chosen this image. Some basketball players do not need a role, because maybe they are already superstars.

28. Improve solemn photo session in classic style with an individual approach

If graduates want to be photographed on an album in evening dresses, invite them to arrange a solemn photo shoot. Girls can pose in long dresses and high heels, and boys can show off in business suits. Pick up flowers or look in a mirror, read a book, adjust glasses, or tie. Put candles, living plants in the background. Pictures taken on leather sofas, high and carved chairs will look beneficial.

29. Remember casual winning options for senior shooting

If graduates want to take a break from jackets and suits, offer them the idea of ​​a casual photo shoot. Everyone will be able to choose clothes for their liking: let them put on what they like, that makes them feel comfortable. For single shots, invite everyone to choose something that reflects their character and interests. The excellent student will bring an electric guitar with him or her. In paired pictures take a picture with your closest friends. Invite them to sit directly on the floor against a bright wall.

30. Take a group and individual pictures of graduates

You can all take pictures together on the floor with bright backdrops. Let graduates fool around, raise their hands, shout at the camera, show their tongue, or put “horns” to each other. The main thing is fun and lack of formalities! Photographers can catch the moment when they take a selfie. Red or white brick walls are perfect as a location.

Senior high school students are happy to pose for every occasion. Graduation is the best way to show their best faces and emotions. Do not be afraid to try new ideas and tips to create a unique photo album. This is the best way to practice new camera settings and poses for future work.