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Less wrinkles

Less wrinkles Option Overview

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Aging is something absolutely natural but you might also take advantage of the Photoshop-like photo editing apps available on the app stores. With the features included in the RetouchMe photo smoother more younger look is now a click away.

Here is what wrinkles reducing function of the RetouchMe application can do for you:

  • erase wrinkles on forehead, around eyes and mouth and other areas;
  • apply a face skin lift effect;
  • tighten and smoothen face skin;
  • even skin tone.

This app to remove wrinkles from photos is able to create a more natural look with a soft and artistic touch as deep wrinkles are only reduced and light ones are removed. So, you don't have to worry that your image will look strange or superficial. Besides the "Less wrinkles", RetouchMe face editing app provides users with a range of amazing features such as enlarging eyes, lips, whitening teeth, changing hair color and other. For every filter you can customize the retouching power choosing normal or maximum intensity.

The app is available on the Google Play and App Store for free, so download it on your Android or iOS device to get astonishing pictures just a few clicks. 

With RetouchMe photo editor wrinkles is no longer a problem. Experiment and edit your pictures like a pro to achieve image perfection! 

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