1. Photobomb
  2. Process Driven
  3. Around the lens
  4. Multimedia Week
  5. FroKnowsPhoto
  6. No Filter
  7. Talking Pictures
  8. Six Figure Photography
  9. Street px
  10. A small voice
  11. Cameras Or Whatever
  12. The Photo Brigade
  13. Candid Frame Photography
  14. He Shoots, He Draws
  15. Precision shooting
  16. Improve Photography
  17. The Stallman Podcast
  18. So you want to be a photographer
  19. Ready Steady Pro
  20. This week in photo
  21. PetaPixel Photography
  22. CameraLabs Podcast
  23. TWiP Your Itinerary
  24. PhotoBizX
  25. Hashtag
  26. The Digital Photo Experience
  27. Adorama TV
  28. Business of Photography
  29. The Digital Story Photography
  30. The Art of Photography
  31. Scenario
  32. A Photographic Life
  33. Sunny 16
  34. The Togcast

Photojournalists are often advised not to use headphones while working. Otherwise, something important may happen very close, which journalists will not notice if they do not hear the sound. So it comes as no surprise that not many podcasts are geared specifically towards photojournalists and photography.

Below there is a list of regularly updated podcasts specializing in photojournalism and visual photography topics. This is an overlap of some digital broadcasters. There are many other people but sometimes there is simply not enough time to listen to everything.


This photography web source conducted by Booray Perry and Garu Hughes offers a fun, amusing investigation of everything in photography. The individuals who appreciate radio talk will absolutely value the manner by which the show approaches subjects, for example, surveys and photography patterns.

Hosts can get a ton of important data and significant hints across, while keeping a perky, bantering speed over time-long scenes.

Process Driven

Process Driven is a show about imagination that is right now on its 33rd scene. In every portion, Jeffery Saddoris takes part in plain, inside and out discussions with guests from a wide scope of themes, to talk about the 'what' and the 'how', yet additionally the 'why'.

Photographers are all around addressed in the chronicles, with past shows zeroing in on notable names including Kevin Mullins, Ondřej Vachek, David DuChemin, Kristopher Matheson and Simon Baxter.

Most scenes last around 60 minutes, and Saddoris works really hard on separating individuals' imaginative cycle; such that both rouses interest and leaves you with a feeling that you' are part of something significant.

Around the lens

A weekly show that discusses news, hardware and topics related to photography and documentary filmmaking. The program is hosted by photojournalist and filmmaker David J. Murphy based in Biloxi, Mississippi.

The host always says that love for the work and experience are two reasons why he has organized this program. Another reason is its uniqueness because there are not many programs that were exactly the same as what he was doing. Of course, there are good photography programs such as This Week in Photo, but in general, apart from a few episodes, they do not specialize in visual journalism.

Multimedia Week

A weekly podcast hosted by multimedia journalists DJ Clarke and Sherron Lovell. Aimed at multimedia journalists and photography students, the program discusses current trends, innovations, platforms and tools used in the world of multimedia. This great photo podcast also conducts interviews with multimedia journalists, producers and editors.

It should be a source of inspiration and a place for all modern visual journalists to learn. Everyone who comes to this program spends their time and knowledge for free to help other people, listening to this podcast all over the world.


It comes from Jared Polin. He is probably the best photographic artist for instructive substance. He is here to assist you with improving photography the whole way across the board. His podcast covers everything. Regardless of whether it takes a gander at business, life and the condition of the world, he has it. Some of them are good for Sunday mornings, yet all are straightforward discussions. There is a motivation why it is outstanding amongst other photography podcasts. He is a character and comprehends what individuals need to realize.

No Filter

Created by Robin Moore, No Filter talks to well-known photographers about their work and how they are monetizing visual storytelling. The conversations also concern photojournalism, environmental and geographic photography. On his photography podcast, Moore spoke to many photojournalists and on the most recent program, he spoke to American photojournalist Amy Tonsing.

No Filter is aimed at p photographers looking to tell visual stories about social or environmental issues. Most guests offer advice to aspiring photojournalists and photographers.

Talking Pictures

This weekly podcast photography is hosted by photojournalists Todd Miesener, Todd Welvert, Mag McLaughlin and Brian Achenbach. Its authors write that they want to entertain listeners and introduce them to the basics of photojournalism. The episode was last published on iTunes on October 10 - the organizers release only one episode a month, but in the previous programs you can find interesting interviews, equipment reviews and tips.

Six Figure Photography

Ben Hartley professes to have made a six-figure business in more than two years and needs to disclose to us how it's finished. His podcast photography is playful and open. He is likewise sharing his tips and giving you all the show notes. Some of the time he welcomes on visitors to talk and share their encounters. On top of the digital sources, he additionally has outstanding content amongst other Youtube webcasts.

Street px

It is among the best photography podcasts, hosted by Re Casper and Jim Watkins. It is released every two weeks. Among the guests of the program there are masters of documentary photography and journalists, including the Pulitzer Prize winner Scott Strazzante. Most of the conversations revolve around street and documentary photography and photojournalism. The website says that the main goal of the authors is to introduce you to new artists and talk about famous ones, and also to inspire you to grab your camera and walk out the door.

A small voice

The host and creator of the digital photography podcast is a London-based photographer Ben Smith. The program includes interviews with world-class photographers who talk about their life and work. Although the program often invites professionals, the author has also conducted many interviews with prominent photojournalists.

Many, though not all, of guests are documentary photographers or photojournalists, and it will always be so. This is what is really interesting, so the program is mainly about this topic. As of late arriving at its 128th scene, interviewees have included Zed Nelson, Tom Oldham, Simon Norfolk and Lynsey Addario. Scenes normally last somewhere in the range of one and two hours. The host functions as a genius photo artist yet he initially prepared as a writer, and it shows in the polished skill of his meetings.

Cameras Or Whatever

The host is a family and business picture photographic artist, who likewise fiddles with scenes. He gives what he calls a digital podcast for the working photographic artist. Not exclusively does the web source have an extraordinary name, however it is likewise extremely excellent. It's a laid back, quiet and invigorating talk between different photographic artists. They talk about a wide range of themes.

The Photo Brigade

While this podcast focuses on the work of freelance photographers in a variety of fields, the authors conducted a number of interesting interviews with photojournalists. Created by Robert Caplin and his wife, graphic designer Laila Prats, Photo Brigade aims to strengthen the freelance photographer community, highlight new work from freelancers and students, and raise awareness among photographers who, without the help of this podcast, would not be able to share their work with the wider community. like-minded people.

Candid Frame Photography

This is arguably the most important beginner photography podcast as well as expert tip teacher. Forget equipment reviews, forget tips and methods, forget even success, fame and profit. There is no point in doing “how” or “what” if you don’t know why.

Hosted by Ibarionex R. Perello, each hour-long episode is an interview with a different picture expert. There is no emphasis on a specific genre because all types of works, all kinds of motives are valid.

He Shoots, He Draws

Glyn Dewis and Dave Clayton create a gander at the universes of innovativeness, photography, visual computerization, business and life. Consistently, they talk about the things they appreciate, people that energize them, and what they worship and detest in this business.

Guests have included Sue Bryce, Matt Pereira and Vincent Versace. Scene lengths change hugely, from as short as 20 minutes to as long as an hour. This is, somewhat, an impression of the laid-back, reasonably unstructured philosophy the merry hosts, who have been allies for a serious long time, take to podcasting. In somewhat more than two years, they have recorded in excess of 100 scenes.

Nevertheless, these two individuals really know their subject, and once they get their teeth into a thorny theme, they can go to some exceptionally watchful and persuading ideas.

Precision shooting

Like Candid, Precision Shooting, is a podcast that focuses on the motives and reasons for photo shooting. Each episode has a photographer of the week, but the format is not interview-oriented and the episodes are longer.

The program explores topics such as legacy in the photography industry, science and philosophy of photography, behind-the-scenes, and how pictures can make life better.

Note that this show can be somewhat twisty, so if you want a dense and targeted podcast you should look elsewhere.

Improve Photography

As the name suggests, this is a top show among photography podcasts for beginners and advanced expertes. It is an education site for everyone interested in shooting. The podcast is just an extension of it - a way to learn or at least brush up on skills you may have forgotten by using your ears instead of your eyes.

Each episode is a roundtable hosted by Improve Photography founder Jim Harmer. Expect each episode to be anywhere from 30 to 70 minutes long. Tips and tricks can be applied to all genres, so if one episode doesn't interest you, just wait for the next one.

The Stallman Podcast

Presented by Tyler Stallman, this show looks at photography, cinematography and development and the intersection focuses between them.

The discussions can get pretty nerdy, yet regardless, when the conversation gets super-particular, the host inherent allure and sensation of motivation helps you through and keeps the tone light.

Since 2017, its creators have posted 82 shows, which consistently run for an hour or close. Continuous subjects remember Filmmaking for the future, Tech and the pandemic, etc.

So you want to be a photographer

This podcast is all about practical tips and includes tips for aspiring picture amateurs and less about best practices for veterans. Then again, if you are a veteran, it might be worth listening to you just as a refresher.

The presenter is a portrait photographer Gina Militia and image enthusiast Valerie Hu. Each episode, which is between 30 and 70 minutes in length, focuses on a specific technique or aspect. There's a lot to learn from this show!

Ready Steady Pro

This is a web recording facilitated by Michael Rammell out of the United Kingdom. It's committed to those moving from beginner to star and has some incredible data. The show has been on somewhat of a rest recently however Michael is arranging more scenes again soon. The webcast will be moving from week by week. It is worth following because the host is super good in covering intriguing themes.

This week in photo

This is a variety show based on photo shooting. Hosted by Frederick van Johnson and Alex Lindsay, and guests here and there, you'll find all kinds of content here: news, tech, gear talks, interviews, and more.

Basically, this is a "week in review" for the world of photography. Episodes at least 60 minutes in length can reach the 2 hour mark, so be prepared to set aside a fair amount of time for each episode. This show is deep enough that the time is well worth it.

PetaPixel Photography

PetaPixel is one of the most famous sites for shooting lovers. It covers everything from gear reviews to practical tips, from news-worthy headlines to inspirational posts from fellow photographers. The PetaPixel Podcast is all reworked into two 30-minute episodes per week.

But on top of all that, the PetaPixel Podcast is awesome simply because its host, Sharky James, is amazing. He is cheerful, self-confident and with a sense of humor. This is the perfect podcast to play in the morning, before going to work.

CameraLabs Podcast

CameraLabs Podcast is a broadcast review podcast with a focus on television cameras. As such, it is erroneously updated. In some months there may be two or three new episodes, in other months empty episodes may come and go. It all depends on what new equipment has appeared or has not appeared this month.

If you are a beginner, you can avoid this for at least the first or two years of your photographic experience. Instead, we recommend taking only the necessary gear for new amateurs and focus on technique. Equipment won't matter until you learn how to use it correctly.

TWiP Your Itinerary

Get acquainted with another branch of the same podcast to be tuned in. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a pro you will be definitely glued to this show every time you listen to it. The host is doing a fascinating job describing in detail the most essential trends in photography.


If you want to better understand the business side of photo shooting, PhotoBizX (AKA Photo Biz Xposed) is the podcast for you. Each episode is an interview with a successful photographer, and while the focus is on weddings and portraits, you can apply this advice to other areas of your photography career.

You will find that professional photography is fraught with difficulties.

It is not only difficult to find clients and make money, and not only can lead you to a self-destructive path of insecurity, but you can even face legal problems related to photography. Well it is always worth listening to.


Anyone who is serious about photography should be on Instagram. Skipping this social network is a mistake that will cost you foolishly limiting your chances of building an audience of fans and leads. Hashtag is a podcast that tells everything about Instagram photographers.

Each episode has an Instagram user present and tells how they got to where they are, what their processes involve, and where they find their ideas. Among all this, you will find tips such as tips for smartphones shooting and ways to stand out on Instagram.

The Digital Photo Experience

This photography podcast is facilitated by Juan Pons and Rick Sammon. Both Juan and Rick talk about a wide range of subjects about shooting. They're not difficult to tune in to and get the data across such that is simple to comprehend, without being excessively rearranged for the high level. There's continually something new and energizing on this show.

Adorama TV

The podcast that posts various video web recordings covering a significant scope of subjects. There's instructional exercises by Mark Wallace, Gavin Hoey, Tamara Lackey – there's something for everybody under the Adorama title. They're well worth looking and listening.

Business of Photography

Such a podcast is the ideal webcast for the individuals who started shooting as a hobby and later understood that they would need to become entrepreneurs to build up a fruitful photography trend. Through a mix of meetings and roundtable talks, this photo digital event is an ideal wellspring of data for everything in this artistic business.

Bryan Caporicci utilizes his own proficient experience to share significant business-centered tips and thoughts. These incorporate anything from composing a strategy to showcasing systems, doing charges and overseeing customer connections.

The Digital Story Photography

As its name recommends, the style may share more for all intents and purposes with photography motion pictures than with the normal web recording. Derrick Story adopts an individual strategy by portraying his own test, as opposed to talking visitors consistently.

This photography digital recording is an incredible wellspring of movement photography tips and motivation, as Derrick himself works in travel projects. The show additionally offers pragmatic tips on different sorts of photography, and examines current industry occasions once in a while.

The Art of Photography

With only two years on air, The Art of Photography's show has quickly acquired a spot among the best photography podcasts accessible today. Under the name Off Camera, Ted Forbes and Jaron Schneider talk about the most recent stuff on industry occasions in a fun and congenial way.

The show doesn't have a characterized posting plan, with the time between scenes going anyplace from seven days to a month. Be that as it may, with every scene being barely an hour long, you'll effectively spend your time.


This is a progression of sound narratives that each go in the background of a particular picture taker. Two things make this resource different. The first is the polished methodology of its creation, which is comparable to a show on America's NPR or the UK's Radio 4. Also, the second is an interesting and motivated selection of activities.

Until now, there have been six scenes, each about 30 minutes and an hour long, highlighting picture takers including Clare Hewitt and Death Row; Lewis Khan and Jennifer Balcombe.

A Photographic Life

It is a week by week web recording by a photographer, author, teacher and movie producer Grant Scott, where he talks about the most recent news, topics and issues encompassing the photographic local area.

Scenes are regularly around 20 minutes in length and ongoing visitors have included Marc Wilson, Brian Griffin, Amy Romer, Margaret Mitchell and Robert Darch. There are more than 100 scenes in the library up until this point – so a lot to browse.

The educated and scholarly tone is what truly makes this podcast particular. In case you're searching for speedy and simple shooting tips or camera audits, you'll need to head somewhere else. Be that as it may, in case you're searching for smart conversation about photography and life, educated by experience, this is the digital rspot for you.

Sunny 16

This show investigates the contemporary universe of simple photography on the whole of its structures. Hosted by Ade, Rachel and Graeme, Sunny 16 investigates the universe of simple photography taking all things together in its structures.

The show highlights interviews with everybody from creators to craftsmen, display caretakers to film lab proprietors. It covers the most recent news, audience input and whatever else is on the moderators' photographic personalities at that point. Generally, there's a splendid and blustery tone to this show that is implanted with the hosts' undeniable enthusiasm for their subject.

The Togcast

Sam Gregory and Paul Sanders incorporate interviews, audits, picture surveys and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Ongoing interviewees incorporate Verity Milligan, Michael Pilkington, Ben Osborne, and Lizzie Shepherd.

The tone is simple and garrulous, and everything amounts to a simple listening that is in any case enlightening and frequently persuasive.

What photography podcasts do you listen to?

There are many other photography-related podcasts that maybe have not been discovered yet, so if you can remember what is missed, please share them and use them in your work.