There is one thing, you are not going to forget, going for vacation, whether it is a weekend picnic or a business trip. This must-have item in your bag is definitely a camera. It may be a regular smartphone, a simple digital device or a professional SLR, but its presence is as common as wallet or passport. Owing to this technological invention, you will always bring the most important souvenir pictures.

There is absolutely no matter where you are. Every moment is good to capture interesting places, beautiful sights, original things, exciting events, funny adventures that will remain in your memory forever. So later, sitting at home with a cup of fragrant tea or coffee, you will delightfully review images and remember the best moments of your life.

In this article we have got top tips for travel photography and other useful information for you: important poses to get good pictures, essential elements to pay attention, when building a frame, specific characteristics of working with light, some creative travel photo ideas and much inspiration.

1. Clean and prepare the lens

Ensure your lens is clean and ready for adventures

The first and most important advice is very simple: do not forget to monitor the purity of the lens. If there are spots or fingerprints, it can spoil all pictures, brought from an amazing trip. Of course, you can remove them, using one of the graphic editors online, but keeping the lens clean is much easier. Take care of cleaning the camera from dust and dirt before you go on a trip.

2. Choose a good time for professional caption

Choose appropriate time and image

Planning a shoot you need to think about the most appropriate time, to get the best of the background and panorama. For bright sunlight and clear shadows, the sun should be at its zenith. In case you are planning to photograph beautiful sunsets or the birth of a new day, get prepared in advance. The Internet will be a great assistant in this issue, you just need to see the time of sunrise and sunset for your geographic location.

3. Think over your image and associations for shooting

Find new approach, but remember the golden rules

If you want to get not just a photo report, but beautiful, interesting shots, it is better to plan your image in advance. It is not necessary to carry with you a whole wardrobe, but it is quite possible to take some non-dull things with you. Just think about whether your clothes would be appropriate in the place where you are going, or there is a possibility that you will merge with the colors in the frame. Add a bright detail to your outfit, like a hat or scarf, which will give the picture a contrast and create the right mood.

4. Look at the world with different eyes and inspiration

Use your imagination

Change the angle, way of shooting, release your imagination and you will get an awesome gallery of pictures and funny travel photo ideas. Look for interesting frames in reflections, puddles or through colored glass, so you get a unique result, even with the most ordinary thing. Visit various web-galleries to enrich your mind with new approaches.

5. Use the rule of thirds to photograph

Create beautiful photo with rule of thirds

One of the most important rules of photography, is that the frame is conventionally divided by two horizontal and two vertical lines. In settings of a camera or phone, you can display these lines on the screen, which will help to make frames even more successful and professional. Place objects in the frame along these lines, and key points at the intersection of these lines and pictures will be more interesting and harmonious.

6. Make beautiful panorama and lifestyle features

Make funny photos with your friends

No matter how beautiful views or sights that you capture, the presence in the frame of people makes them more individual and unique. You are free to enter the frame yourself for unusual selfies or to take a picture of your friends, but not a simple and boring landscape. Such challenges can add motivation and fun to the whole process. Changing models, you can make it interesting or just fun. This way the snapshot will become more personalized and will bring great feedback. Do not forget to add a hashtag, posting it online.

Good if you are traveling with friends or a tripod, otherwise great skills are required.

7. Add space to the picture of ocean and mountains

Get some free space in front of landscapes

It is not necessary to always make close-ups or overload the frame with details. Leave free space in pictures to emphasize other features. When photographing moving objects, get some free space in front of it, to show the direction of movement. If you are capturing landscapes, add people to the image in the distance, they will look like toy figures and add scale. This will help to practice interesting and create unexpected results, practicing travel photo ideas.

8. Learn to be friends with white balance, using mobile devices

Use correct white balance

White balance is also one of the main components of global photography and an important condition to obtain correct display of colors in the portrait, for example. If you have noticed that there is light that is as warm as a candle and cold as an overcast sky, then you will definitely understand the point of this feature. Human eyes adapt automatically and see differences between various shades of white, regardless of the lighting and weather conditions. Mobile devices have automatic white balance settings and most often they cope with the task, but if you want to be sure of colors it is better to adjust the white balance manually.

Create unforgettable photoshoot

Keep the camera on hand to be ready for a memorable shot. It is also important to remember about additional memory cards and spare batteries, so that the camera does not let you down and will capture every moment. Sometimes there are situations where you can not get the work done without placing a tripod. Such pictures are usually taken in mountains or watching the ocean. Therefore, making a bag with equipment, do not forget about these small, but very important items. Ipad and iphone, together with android devices, can be of great help, but only planned details will assist without sad surprises.

10. Make photo in any weather

Do not be afraid of bad weather to pose for great image

Sunny days offer great shots, but if the weather brings you water and clouds, think about how to enjoy this time, creating something new. You can capture people walking down the street with colorful umbrellas, raindrops on the glass against the background of city lights, flowers with drops, using macro mode, and other beautiful travel photography ideas that are not available in sunny weather.

Going outdoors on a rainy day, don't forget about the mandatory water protection. Fashionable protective case will not take up much space in the bag, but it will save equipment and add you some charm.

11. Try a serial shot to challenge your iPad

Use serial shooting to take travel photo

Serial shooting is necessary when you catch a special moment, such as an animal in a jump and other moments that are not easy to capture. If you ask strangers to take a picture, one click on the shutter will permit you to obtain several shots. In this way it will be easier to choose the best option for a family collage or birthdays surprise party.

All cameras are different, so it’s better to see in advance manual for various settings and modes.

12. Do not "ruin" the horizon, watch the background

Be careful with horizon to photograph landscape

When making pictures of picturesque landscapes, try not to overwhelm the horizon. This will spoil the image, distracting the viewer's attention. Be careful and watch the horizon line, which should be straight, then your snapshots will look very professional. In case if you are famous enough to propose your own artistic view, then, of course, you are welcome to try a personal approach.

13. Be patient to photograph architectural sight

Pick the right moment

Choosing historic or architectural sights, sometimes you need much patience, and even more than just much. For example, to take a picture of the Eiffel Tower or the Fontana di Trevi you need to wait until people come out of the frame to get the perfect shot. Sometimes it will take minutes and even hours, and you will have only a second to click the shutter, but it will be worth it.

14. Use a tripod to photoshoot selfies

Use tripod to make good photo

A tripod has many advantages, but the most important thing is that you can get a great shot where you can be present by yourself. When you find a beautiful landscape and no one who can help you, the tripod will make the task easier. Using a tripod, it is good to create a lifestyle describing photo editions.

15. Use programs and android features for editing

Use different programs to edit photo

You can always edit pictures with the help of graphic editors. Highlight the light areas, darken the necessary parts, correct white balance or align the horizon - all this is now available not only for super guru. There are many programs and applications available not only for professional photographers, but also for beginners. With the help of such assistants it is easy to correct flaws of your images and give your own style.

16. Learn to shoot in manual mode with beautiful landscapes

Try to get perfect photo in manual mode

Automatic camera settings help you take pictures anywhere in any light quickly and clearly. But if you have reached a specific level, when it is not just about postcards and hobbies, but real art, then you can customize the camera by yourself. Expose the balance you need, sensitivity to light and other parameters that will make shots special and create necessary associations in the viewer's mind.

17. Save photos on cloud services, computer or removable media

Do not forget about backups for business and leisure

In fact, this is the most important advice for everyone, artists, lovers and just people with smartphones. If you are doing pictures, taking portraits, or just practicing selfies, without saving your pictures in cloud services, on a computer or removable media, you can find yourself with nothing at one moment. Memory cards can demagnetize, camera or phone can be stolen, but makes a copy, no one can steal memories and happy moments. Remember this and be attentive.

18. Take camera with you everywhere

Take camera and enjoy to photograph

Carry camera, wherever you go, with reasonable limits, of course.

You will never know where an interesting frame is waiting:

  • unexpected angles
  • breathtaking views
  • beautiful sunrises.

You can capture all this just by hitting the right place at the right moment. Travel photography tips are created to be followed, but personal creativity and enthusiasm is always a plus.

19. Make photoshoot the first hour after sunrise

Shoot at golden hour, use the global rule

Light is a key factor in all types of pictures, because it is so important to choose the right time to get a perfect shot. There is such a thing as “golden hour” — this is the time interval in the first hour after sunrise and in the last hour before sunset, the time when the best light is available for shooting. At this time, the sun is located closer to the horizon and everything around gets a completely magical view.

If you plan to shoot sunrises and sunsets, do not forget to find out a precise time.

20. Use different options to capture moments

Use not only popular sights, make iphone work

Why not bring from travels various types of snapshots? Sights and landscapes are great, but there are many other options, when small details make an important difference.

Capture everything:

  • original houses,
  • interesting doors and windows,
  • unusual people along the street, if they give their approval,
  • farm markets with diversity of products,
  • fish markets with a special atmosphere.

And, of course, do not forget to capture funny moments and unbelievable situations.

Regardless of whether you are picturing nature or portraits, being professional or amateur, having a smartphone in your hands or the latest camera edition, do not forget to enjoy the process, keeping in mind travel picture ideas. After all, everything that you shoot is imprinted not only on the film or in the memory of the device, it is imprinted in your heart. Have fun and be inspired by the best moments, be creative and original and excellent shots are guaranteed.

Successful frames and interesting visits ?!