Obtaining a high-quality photo requires a lot of skills from the photographer, such as the ability to adjust their equipment and technical execution with the settings. Knowing the different techniques and tricks for a particular type of photography allows you to achieve the best images. But how many types of photography do you know? Wildlife photography, black and white photography, commercial product photography for advertising and promotion, wedding photography, the list could be endless. You could give countless tips for each of these, but today we're going to give you 10 secrets on how to take a stunning photo for any kind of photography.

1. Stunning black and white photography

Let us begin with old-fashioned but still stunning digital photography. Black and white photos have their own place in modern life as a relict that thrives in the nostalgic feelings of the viewer. The good thing about black and white photos is that the colors here are so simple, so they can hide a lot of flaws in the image, revealing only what you want to convey with it. Considering that, we can give you a general tip for black and white photography that is applied the best for it: Shoot in RAW and look for contrasts. To achieve the best contrast, you need to keep in mind that long exposures have a good synergy with black and white photos. So make sure to adjust shutter speed appropriately to achieve the best exposure.

Shooting in RAW allows your images to get the best quality, no matter how much you edit it in a post-processing routine. It is the most flexible file format, however, it takes a lot of your storage space.

The contrast in B&W photos is also the main thing, and the type of photography is pretty much self-explanatory for that. We have 2 colors that can have tints and shadows depending on the contrast that can vary in lighting and editing. With the contrast, you can emphasize image parts that deserve additional attention from a viewer.

2. Stunning nude photography

Talking about private photo shoots might be a very controversial topic, but we can not just leave it over without any tips just because of that. Nude photography is all about relationships between the model and photographer. Having a good synergy here allows you to reach concise ideas that not only save time, but it will also make your images much stronger. So it is all about preparation and management. If your model sees that you have an idea or a path that you need to go through together, the model will feel confident and reveal herself in the best way. And having an open-minded model is priceless here, the same as having a confident photographer for the model, which is basically the synergy between them.

So get the idea that you want to epitomize in your image and manage everything to work around this idea. Being able to execute an idea quickly and easily not only shows confidence in your craft, but it will also make the model feel more at ease when you are shooting. The more relaxed and natural the subject, the more effortless and genuine the photograph.

3. Stunning fashion photography

Fashion photography is a whole industry with its own fundamentals. Being good at fashion photography opens up an opportunity to thrive in other genres too. It is like a core genre where you need to apply the best of your capabilities, that you can use in your future projects no matter what kind of images that would be. The general tip we can give you about fashion photography is the lighting has to match the concept you have in your head. Look for what best fits your model, starting with the makeup and hair ending up with clothing that fits the best of the body, and then setting the light to emphasize those bests.

To help project your lighting setups, you can take a look at Set.a.Light 3D software. This program is a great tool that will teach you a lot about lighting, so you can implement that in a real photoshoot having the same results as you managed in the software.

4. Stunning wedding photography

A wedding photoshoot is commonly perceived as an opportunity to display the celebration in photos where the bride and her husband pose in one way or another. These days, this concept is becoming less and less relevant, as there is no special uniqueness in such photos today. Therefore, the main point here will be the ability to move away from the traditional concept and if possible make your own unique story using not only the wedding attire and entourage but creating an event for the couple that will be imprinted in their minds as a wedding day. Thus, the common viewer may not even realize that it was a wedding photo, but if other standards are met, the photo should speak for itself and carry the touch of a professional. So if you manage to convey this basic idea to the newlyweds by diluting their wedding collage with a photo in a non-wedding atmosphere, it can give creative results and positive feedback. This will help you stand out from the proverbial traditional wedding photo shoots.

5. Stunning wildlife photography

We will soon have an article on our blog with lots of tips regarding wildlife photography. But if you are already going to get your National Geographic experience, I would like to highlight one basic tip, and it concerns your equipment in general. In the meantime, the other tips are just as important, but if you don't have a telescopic lens with a tripod, your options are drastically reduced in this direction. A telephoto lens will allow you to shoot at greater distances without disturbing wildlife and keep yourself safe in the process. A tripod, in turn, will allow you to avoid unnecessary shaking and blurring of the frame as a result. So make sure your equipment is set 1st, and then you can develop your skills with the main article about wildlife photography.

6. Stunning animal photography

The difference between wildlife photography and regular animal photos is the location. When you take pictures of pets or animals in a zoo, you are in a completely ordinary environment, so props or equipment are not so important. But no matter how well you tame your pet, it can be very difficult to make a good portrait, because it is basically hard to explain to your cat what position is better for his portrait shot. So the main tip here is to minimize distractions. Find a good timing when your pet appears in his chilling behavior. Also, try to photograph your pets when they are in their comfort zone, lying on their side. In order to provoke a reaction to the lens and make them look at you, you can use a squeaker or a toy, so that the pet will look in your direction. To make even more progress, you can train your pet by rewarding him with treats if he does everything right in the frame.

7. Stunning product photography

To get an outstanding photo of any product, you need to follow a combination of light, outfit, props, backdrop, camera settings, and modes.

It is difficult to give any specific advice on this topic because product placement photography implies a "selling" photo. Nevertheless, to make a small studio at home you only need a light box, a tripod, lighting, and a camera with a macro lens. The presence of a macro lens will be a mandatory factor because details are important in product photography. And if you are familiar with the focus stacking method, it has a very good use here. You can learn more about focus stacking in this particular article.

8. Stunning portrait photography

Portrait photography is simple because of the limitations of what is in the frame. Here we can play with the facial expression of the people and the background. Perhaps the best to recommend here is using a camera with a wide-angle lens. The background should complement the image of the person. Just as important would be to put your subject at ease, so there would not be a stony face in the frame. To do this, you can try catching a person off guard, while he is in his thought process and distracted by the shooting event.

9. Stunning food photography

When shooting food, it is not just its presentation laying on the dishes that is important, but also how the backdrop complements the dish. You can be a great cook or a master photographer, but if the background doesn't match, it won't be seen as art.

In this article, we have discussed in detail the backdrops for photography.

10. Stunning nature photography

Nature photography has a wide variety. It can be done by professionals and amateurs alike. It is possible to photograph both landscapes from the ground and aerial photography with drones. In any case, the main tip here would be to establish the environment of the story and composition. Find a place and the best angle to capture all the nature’s beauty containing foreground, background, and middle ground in the frame. Tripod and telescopic lens are your best friends here. To learn more about landscape and nature’s stunning photography, you can visit this article.