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Anti glare

Anti glare Option Overview

Photo Example after the use of Anti glare Retouching Feature
Photo Example before the use of Anti glare Retouching Feature

Do you have many valued images and need to remove glare from photo? Unfortunately, glare is a widespread flaw in photos but fortunately, it is easy to correct. When a photograph shoots somebody, he sometimes cannot (however, he should) predict the effect of using flash. Shiny highlights appear and always look artificial or even comic but never glamour or pretty. They used to hide and to make invisible our most bright attractions and features– skin, smile or eye expression.Glare prevents us considering the details and important objects on the photos, even on their background.

App to remove glare from photo helps to restore the spoiled pictures.Don’t break your photos into tiny fragments. No need to go anywhere to retake pictures. Remove sun glare from photo via our app online and be happy to get the perfect image with a professional look.

How to Remove Glare from Photo

  • Download the app, choose the unit “Face”and click the option “Anti Glare”.
  • Select and download the photo from your gallery in the phone or computer or any of your albums or make an instant photo via the built-in camera.
  • Choose the area or the elements on the photo the designer should focus on.
  • Click the button “Send to Designer”.

With this photo glare removal app you can send beautiful images to your family and friends, post the eye-catching photos for a professional event or share your photo-content with the world with an ideal tone without any glare. The app is available on the both iOS (iPhone and iPod) and Android units.

RetouchMe is one of the best apps for editing digital photos, in particular, for removing glare effect. You’ll shine naturally and the objects on the photo will be accurate and vivid.

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