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Remove shadow Option Overview

Photo Example after the use of Remove shadow Retouching Feature
Photo Example before the use of Remove shadow Retouching Feature
Option description

If you were born to become a photographer, making a perfect picture for you perhaps takes no efforts. If no, you possibly are familiar with quite a lot of nuances the most common of which is a low-quality lighting.

Remove shadow from photo app

What is worse, in most cases you can't control your mood. If you want to take a selfie, you want to take it right now. And everything is perfect except for shadows ruining your image. So, here you realize that you definitely need an app to remove shadows from pictures.

RetouchMe is simply a lifesaver for selfie-takers. This is what you need to do to enhance a photo with use of RetouchMe image brightener.

How to remove shadows from photos:

  • download RetouchMe app from Google Play or App Store depending on what smartphone you have
  • once it is installed, load a picture to be edited into RetouchMe
  • choose a Remove shadow filter along with the power of retouch (normal or maximum)
  • send an image to a designer who will brighten dark photos

Yes, you heard it correctly, to a designer. When using the RetouchMe app to brighten photos, you get a professional touch-up less than in 5 minutes. It costs only $0.99 per one photo which equals 20 credits. This a minimum amount of credits for one order though not maximum. So, don't hesitate to choose the most favorite features in the RetouchMe picture brightener to get your thumbs up on Facebook and Instagram right away!

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