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From ancient times, big eyes were considered one of the keys to beauty. Nowadays, to make eyes appear larger in the photos you are offered with a huge variety of photo editing apps. Women use cosmetics that if applied professionally can make wonders with small eyes though you can make eyes look rounder, wider even with less efforts.

RetouchMe photo editor allows performing various digital enhancements of body and face. When performing face editing with use of RetouchMe app you can choose an unlimited number of features at once. It offers an “Enlarge eyes” filter as well. Enhanced photo editing is now at your fingertips. You just need to install the RetouchMe application on your Android or iOS device. It works perfectly on both of them. Then, choose the features and send your picture to RetouchMe professional designers that are available online anytime.  Et... voilà! You got those attractive eyes.

When performing a digital touchup with use of RetouchMe app to make eyes bigger, you are able to customise a power of editing yourself. You can make eyes look bigger without makeup and surgery just in 5 minutes. The cost of the digital surgery is only $0.99 per 1 image. So, don't hesitate and look stunning in your profile pictures on Facebook, Instagram and other social media right now. 

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