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Add a headwear Option Overview

Photo Example after the use of Add a headwear Retouching Feature
Photo Example before the use of Add a headwear Retouching Feature
Option description

Add hat to photo online and change your image to become amusing or romantic, homey or dangerous, sexy or strict. Download our hat photo editor to add the most popular and fashionable headdresses to entertain your friends and yourself. With add hat to photo app you can do it in a pair of clicks. Therefore, now it is not necessary to put a hat on a picture, making complicated collages. Decorate your profile easily adding panama, caps, and other headgears, as well as the creative captions.

Note that you get the professional photo where you look perfect in the chosen hat that fits your clothes and hairstyle. You can even add the frame or remove some objects to change the construction and composition of the picture. There are enough options in the app to free your fantasy. Let’s see the templates for being amazing and beautiful.

Add Santa Hat to Photo to Make the Holiday Eternal

Add Santa Hat to Photo to create the fe stive effect on the photos turning them into the bright illustrations to the party. Here are the simple instructions:

  • Download and open the free app.
  • Use Santa hat photo editor online and choose the option “Add Hat to Photo”.
  • Find the template you‘d like to have from the gallery.
  • Choose and download the photo from your album or make the instant photo via the built-in camera.
  • Put a Santa hat on a picture. • Wait for a minute and get the enhanced picture.

This Christmas hat photo app gives a possibility to edit any pictures to create a funny greeting card for your friends, partners, colleges or members of the family. This app to add Santa hat to picture can be used for making amusing surprises by adding pretty red hats to the people nearby or on the background. The way of proceeding is the same for adding other hats.

Add Cowboy Hat to Photo to Feel Wild West’s Spirit

Add cowboy hat to photo to become the best shooter or the coolest cowgirl in the Wild West. Modern fashion doesn’t allow wearing cowboy hats in our everyday life (unless you are from Texas) but you can add a cowboy hat to a picture. It is possible to choose the model of any color to layout the most expressive features of your appearance. You can even make a cowboy hat picture with the animals or pets.

Add Party Hat to Photo App to Memorize Holiday Forever

Add party hat to photo app offers a wide range of festive headdresses for kids, teens, adults, and even pets. Party hat photo editor will provide you with clown or witch’s headgears. Have you been to the birthday party without a hat? – Doesn’t matter, add birthday hat to picture and enjoy yourself. Put a birthday hat on a photo via our app and feel the party is coming back.

Add Pirate Hat to Photo to Movie with all Sails

Do you feel the lack of adventure in your life? Add Pirate Hat to Photo and start conquering seas and hearts. Alternatively, pirate hat picture can just entertain your kids that adore the pirate parties. Various models of such hats are at your disposal.

When you add a hat to a photo, you make a fantastic coloring for any event. Do you want to look like a crazy Jack Sparrow, a famous Charles Bronson or a legendary guy in a bunch of flying reindeer? No problem. With our app, you’ll create a bright collection of photos, the illusion of magic, and the stock of good memories.

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