Add a men's belt

The men's belt is an integral part of the classic business style. But even in casual style, this part of clothing takes its place. A white top, jeans, and a brown leather belt will accentuate your taste for your chosen style. Even if you don't want to wear a belt at all, you can still have it in your photo. How can this be accomplished? If you notice that you have a great shot where the men's belt is missing, we are ready to fix it with the help of RetouchMe

Add a men’s belt online

To use the app,  you don't need any specialized skills. We can add a men's belt to your photo. All you need to do is install the app on your cellphone, then our team of professional Photoshop retouchers will take care of the rest. The app provides a variety of options that can cover any demand. These options are not any presets, but only tell our editors what needs to be changed in the photo. As you can imagine, all work is done online, manually, and in real-time, and the app is used as a bridge between a customer and the editor.

How to use the app

All Samsung and Apple users can install the application on a smartphone.

  • Enter the App Store or Play Market, and find RetouchMe there.

  • Grant the rights that app will request to make it work properly.

  • Choose an image and apply the options that you require.

  • Send your photo for processing and wait for a little.


After 20 minutes, the job is usually done. You will get a processed photo with a belt for men applied to it in the section with accomplished jobs. If you are not completely satisfied with the result, you can always send the photo for rework with the notes for the editor. As a bonus, you can do one free test processing, after which you can already decide which service package suits you the best.

Do you want to retouch a photo from your phone and send it to social networks?
RetouchMe for professional photographers is coming soon. Let me know about web app launching.