Use photo editor to make your photo funny

When we take pics of ourselves, friends, colleagues or parents, we always try to pose in a natural, but interesting way. Time is passing by and the old fashion with classic family look is not yet in trend. Though sometimes such a group would become really funny if all of you will become an Addams or Peppa pig family. From now, you do not need to buy a new outfit or wait for Helloween to transform yourself into someone else. Retouchme face swap app is online to make your life easier and a little bit crazy.

Add a slight touch of comedy into routine life with funniest frames and unbelievable hairstyles. Free and simple body changer offers a great variety of effects to apply to images of different quality. Professional photoshop team is ready to create an amazing look with a single click of a button. Several credits earned online or ninety-nine cents separate you from the best image creator application. High-quality service permits to replace the original background, hair, and clothes into a new version of you.

How to add funny faces on photos?

If you decided to start editing photos with the help of our funny picture editor, then the list of steps is easy and available for all people in the world. Age and computer experience does not matter, because comparing to other apps, all the hard work is done by real experts in a few minutes.

  1. Download the Android or Apple version from the website.

  2. Choose photography from the gallery to change.

  3. Find a sample, which suits your mood best.

  4. Make your photo funny, by sending your order to experts on the site.

  5. Wait for it and enjoy the montage effect.

Possibilities to use photo app RetouchMe

Retouchme is a unique option that includes quality and low-cost service. Some options are available for a few credits, which can be obtained online with the help of social networks. Experienced assistance and personal approach make this funny photo editor a real friend in everyday picture sharing. This software allows to publish and share retouched pictures immediately, without wasting time and megabytes. Various options can work as a new personality creator. Accurate cutting and inserting, provided by Photoshop experts will make every image look natural and crazy. Exploding hair colors, clothes styles, and superhero accessories are available from now to every user of Retouchme. It is really cool, isn't it?

Most popular funny photo templates

Start from looking through the most used samples and choose the one, which makes you laugh more.

Thinking of historic characters of the Roman Empire? Here you go, a perfect option of a gladiator or Napoléon Bonaparte. All you need is to have a suitable shot of your head, which will be easily put into the chosen template.

Do you want to impress a new fiancee with a sculpted body? Find an image in Retouch to be perfectly matched with your face in it. Add tattoos or piercing to create a really strong outfit.

If you have no time for vacation, but there is a big wish to make others envy, visit the summer or winter section. These frames will give you a broad choice of backgrounds and accessories to combine with your personality.

It happens that weddings include force majors. Absence of a photographer can destroy some celebrations, but not yours if there is a great Retouchme assistant. Wedding section will surprise you with a number of poses and locations with various outfits and emotions. Feel free to choose your favorite ones.

Have you seen those sweet photo albums of kids with various clothes and accessories? Isn't it nice and tender? Yes, it is for sure, but not all kids are so calm and enjoy posing. That is why many parents are welcome to the album of children photo options for every age and gender.

In case you have no specific occasion to make crazy snapshots, just enjoy joking with common templates, which make all us laugh. Be different and publish something out of the box, without strict rules and standards. Find a joke option to use and enjoy great results by our team.

We try our best to find the bigger variety of frames for your pleasure, but if you need something unique, just send it to us. Use the button to upload your personal funny sample and a face to insert and be sure to get what you want in only 5 minutes.

Choose RetouchMe and create cool photo


The application is in open access from all popular stores and for all phone models. Everything you need is just to download the version, which suits your device.


Number of samples in huge and our developers are working hard to enrich it even more. This will help to satisfy even the most demanding client with its craziest fantasy.

Low cost.

App is free and every single retouch effect is only ninety nine cents or few credit away from you. This competitive cost helps RetouchMe to gain its leading positions among similar software.


Only Retouchme funny face editor gives its users possibility to communicate with photoshop experts alive, without bots and automatic responses. Such working mode guarantees 100% satisfaction for both developers and consumers.

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