One of the ways that allows any of us to try something unusual, thereby learning a new side of ourselves and testing our stamina, is a challenge. The meaning of the word "challenge" means that a person challenges himself or someone to perform a certain action. The main thing is not only to do something but also to encourage the audience to repeat after you, to take up the challenge, or throw a similar one to their circle of acquaintances. This is the main difference between the Challenge and flash mobs and other activities on the Web. In other words, a Challenge is a "dare" task. Photo Challenge is an interesting activity for both the photographer and anyone who wants to try it. It helps to overcome art blocks, develop or improve photo skills.

The photo challenge is a call to action and performance of these actions, people who have gone through various challenges note that they have become more confident, or, finally, slimmed down, others began to write to drain to take pictures. Completion of the Challenge is often as follows: a person performs the task, takes a video of what is happening, takes pictures, and sometimes passes the "challenge" to the next. For many people, it is a way to test themselves, to perform an action that they would not otherwise have agreed to. This can be an action that does not make sense, which is done just for fun. At the same time, there are also challenges in support of socially significant actions. There is a huge benefit to this.

The list of existing photo shuttles is large enough, especially distinguished are gaming (the passage of tasks, quests), sports (aimed at improving health, the introduction of a healthy lifestyle), creative or art. shuttle (writing, drawing), self-challenge (man challenges himself and a large audience undertakes to follow their instructions and perform tasks).

The idea behind the challenge expressed as a 30-day photo challenge is to help participants understand what interests them, learn new behaviors, and acquire healthy habits that will stay with them for a long time. The Writer's Challenge is a daily writing activity on specific topics that are agreed upon ahead of time. Regular practice develops creative thinking and helps you develop your writing skills. One topic per day is given for 30 days. On the first day, you have to write a story about your favorite book, the second day about your dream profession, the third day about what you value most in people, the fourth day about your favorite songs, the fifth day about your favorite book character, the sixth day about your most memorable childhood memories, and so on.

Other popular echelons are the art Geelong and the photographer Geelong for 30 days. This challenge helps novice artists or photographers to make the first step, to get out of a creative crisis, and brings them closer to other participants. Tasks for themselves, each participant can choose or use the proposed, and can also join the group in social networks. Themes for drawing or pictures can be completely different, for example, animals, a cup of coffee, superheroes, rain, abstraction, retro, body part, graffiti, sea waves, beach, forest, landscape, sweets, emotions.

After completing the task, it should be posted on your social media page with the caption #challenge. The idea of a 30-day photo challenge is very popular on Instagram. Each day has a different theme for the photo. Day 1 - selfies. Day 2 - today's image. Day 3 - a healthy habit. Day 4 - the night sky. Day 5 - work routine. Day 6 - memories from childhood. Day 7 - silhouette. Day 8 - sunset, Day 9 - animals. Day 10 - flowers, and so on. Challenge "100 days of happiness" - it's a photo challenge, the essence of which is to publish photos of something that cheers you up and makes you happy every day. It can be anything: meeting with friends in a cozy coffee house, taking a walk with a loved one, or spending time with your pet.

The main task of the challenge is to post your photos via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #100happydays. The Daily UI 100 Days Photo Challenge improves your design skills. Every day you will receive an email with a task to create a particular interface element (design a calculator, profile page, application settings, music player design, online store design, draw an application icon, design a page with 404 error). With the help of the challenge, you can add a series of new works to your creative portfolio.

Instagram photo challenge

A photo challenge is a simple task that users are asked to complete. The important role is played by the social network or messengers in which they are scheduled to be distributed. Challenges in Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other popular social networks and hosts are attracting more and more people. The format most popular on Tik-Tok has become popular for Instagram as well. With the help of Challenges, bloggers engage their audience, increase the number of subscribers and their activity. On Instagram, challenges are published in stories with the new #challenge sticker.

A successful photo challenge requires trust in the person running it or the brand used in it. To launch a photo challenge on Instagram you need to define the purpose for which it is created, come up with the idea of the photo challenge, create bright emotions (to surprise, to make people laugh, to recall childhood, school, or college years). One of the popular challenges is considered a daily photo challenge. Every day you have to perform a certain task and publish it on Instagram. The tasks can be completely different - take a picture of yourself, food, hobbies, work, playing a sport, or some action.

Post a daily photo of yourself, your breakfast, your pets, and so on. For example, daily familiarization with foreign languages, exercise in the morning, the "show yourself without makeup" challenge. The challenge is to take a picture of yourself in the morning without makeup, post it to Instagram and add a #challenge sticker.

There are also weekly photo challenges. The challenge is the same - perform the appropriate action and post a photo of it. Weekly challenges are done once a week. You can either make it up yourself or take part in an existing one. For example, a weekly photo challenge: "healthy lifestyle", "field day" or "show what a hostess you are ''. The main condition is to show your house before cleaning or cooking and after.

In addition to daily and weekly, there are monthly photo calls. The most popular monthly calls are from Doodlewash. Every month they launch a few new drawing challenges to help designers, illustrators, and artists hone their skills. Taking part in such a challenge is a good way to spend your free time, improve your skills, illustration, or other art direction.

Another popular art challenge is #ToonMe. The main task of its participants is to draw a part of their portrait in a certain cartoon technique, after which they share their funny selfies on social networks.

In addition to the above photo challenge ideas, the most popular photo challenge is called "Memories" and photo challenges for 365 days. The essence of #10yearchallenge is to publish a photo from ten years ago and a fresh photo for comparison. This idea allows showing not only changes of appearance, but also the development of the company and change of goods assortment. Also popular are #FirstPicChallenge and #Homecouture.

According to the rules of the first challenge, you have to publish the first photo together with a person close to you. You can add to the photo a story of how you met them or an interesting memory of the time. To take part in the second challenge, you have to reproduce any runway or red carpet image at home. Then post the photo to Instagram with the hashtag #HomeCouture and tag George. The most interesting images the journalist publishes on his page. The main themes of the 365-day photo challenge are drawing, piggy bank, and happiness.

The essence of the 365 days of happiness challenge is to do a new task every day. The first day is to do a rearrangement, the second is to wear your favorite things, the third is a comedy day, the fourth is to have a party with friends, and the fifth is a spa day. After completing each task, you have to post it on your Instagram page with the caption #challenge.

Facebook photo challenge

Transfigurations, dances, unusual photos, uploading... Challenges seized the Internet sites and minds of social network users very quickly. The more funny, unusual, the greater number of people become their participants.

Most of the challenges are harmless because it's a kind of prank on yourself. However, there are also dangers for life. For example, the most popular photo challenge on Facebook and Instagram under the name - "Extreme Photo Challenge". The task of which is to take an extreme photo and post it on Facebook or Instagram (depending on where it takes place).

Popular on social networks is the "text your ex" photo challenge. The essence of the challenge is to send your ex or ex any lyric song and post the correspondence to the social network. YouTube and Tick-tock were instantly filled with participants of this challenge. However, texting your ex is not as harmless as it may seem, because it involves the second, perhaps unsuspecting, party in the interaction. Participants in the Challenge take a step toward their exes, wait to hear back from them, and then display their correspondence on their pages. On the one hand, it's a way to maintain their self-esteem, but on the other hand, it's a way to make contact with their former love.

52-Week Challenges are also gaining in popularity. Often they are aimed at developing skills, hobbies and accumulating cash. Among the 52-week photo challenges, the money and creative echelons are the most relevant. The task of the money challenge is to put aside a certain amount of money each week in a piggy bank to accumulate.

From the creative ones, I would like to single out American photographer Dale Foshi's challenge for photographers for 52 weeks. Unlike other echelons, this one has no specific start date. Participants can choose any time convenient for themselves. Each week they have to perform tasks from three categories. 1. Story. Any photographer can take a beautiful picture. Not everyone can tell a story with this picture. Assignments in this category will help you not only see and convey the beauty of the world around you but also tell something more (something forgotten, perspective, surroundings). 2. Techniques. Technical photography skills are just as important as creative skills. By doing these assignments, you get a chance to experiment with challenging settings and with the functions of graphic editors (merging lighting, panning, splitting tones, no-trimming). 3. Inspiration.

Assignments from this category give full scope to your imagination (earth, sweets, still life, communication, water, music). The tasks themselves can be understood both literally and figuratively. Over 52 weeks, only the assignments change, and the categories remain unchanged.

24-hour photo challenge

Challenge is a genre of Internet challenges in which bloggers perform a task on a video camera and post it on social media, and allows showing to someone they know or follow. During the quarantine, a new idea for an Instagram photo challenge called "Until Tomorrow" with cringe-worthy photos was launched.

As soon as it appeared on the Internet, the challenge reached global proportions. About half a million posts appeared with the hashtag #UntilTomorrow. Everyone who likes photos with this caption in their feed receives a messenger message from the author of the post with roughly the same content. The conditions for participation are quite simple. For 24 hours, you need to post your failed photos with the caption until tomorrow or the hashtag #UntilTomorrow and, of course, entice others to participate.

Users around the world began to post photos of an aged version of themselves. The first to participate in the flash mob were comedians, then came actors, singers, etc. No one was ashamed to post their photos with deep wrinkles. After all, the stars know how to joke about themselves. The flash mob also caused a stir among ordinary users. Challenge was based on the representatives of Generation Z. Although those who participate put up their most unsuccessful photos - after 24 hours, they can safely remove them from their pages.

In addition to the shuttle with bad photos gaining popularity are the 24 hours shuttle, 100 photos in 24 hours and repeating funny pictures from Instagram for 24 hours. The 24-hour photo challenge itself can be on different subjects - cooking, work, rest, travel, hobbies, and so on. Photo Challenge 100 photos in 24 hours involve the active participation of participants.

The task of this photo challenge is to take and exhibit 100 completely different photos in 24 hours. In addition to those listed above, the 24-hour challenge with the original or funny photos from Instagram is also popular. During 24 hours everyone can take part in the competition for the funniest photos that ever were on Instagram.

One of the cutest Instagram challenges #snootchallenge is devoted to dogs. The owners make a ring out of their fingers, in which the dog is sure to stick his wet nose.

Carried away another dangerous challenge among young people. The essence of the challenge is to disappear from your home for 24 hours, spend the night in a public place and most importantly - take pictures and videos of your "adventures". The challenge is called "disappearing for 24 hours. According to the rules, young people must hide or leave home for exactly 24 hours. The more sudden the disappearance, the "cooler" they look later on their photo and video reports on social media. "Bonuses to coolness" adds the place of hiding: someone can just hide in school, and someone - wandered into a zoo, theater, university or shopping mall.

Black and white photo challenge

On Instagram, the most famous black and white photo challenge. Girls post their black and white selfies, put hashtags #challengeaccepted, #womensupportingwomen, and #blackandwhitechallenge - and write inspiring posts about women's rights, the importance of supporting each other, or the problems they manage to solve with fortitude.

The black and white photo challenge has become popular among celebrities. It's hard to count exactly how many followers this photo challenge has, but we can say that it has become massive. The #blackandwhitechallenge tag currently has more than a million followers, #challengeaccepted has more than four million followers, and #womensupportingwomen has seven. On the one hand, they draw more attention to it, but on the other, they are misleading about the format.

Anyone who puts a black and white filter on her photo and posts in support of herself, her girlfriends, or other women has personal reasons for participating in this challenge. In essence, it invites one more time to put herself in the center of the discussion - as a woman, as a professional, as a member of society - and, what to hide, to admire herself.