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How to take good selfies for guys

How to take good selfies for guys

Selfie , Guys , Male selfie , Man pose • 16 May 2018

If you are reading this article, you have probably a difficulty to understand, when importance of photo posing for males became so popular as it is for girls. Fashion can be really unpredictable in some cases, because ‘duck faces’ were only used by fancy girls. And guys enjoyed making jokes of them, pretending to be not involved. Nowadays smartphones are trying to destroy the behavior limits between males and females, so boyfriends and men all over the world are facing a need to take a perfect selfie ever.

Still, it seems that some photography poses are created only for girls instead of guys. How is it possible to create the same effect for a guy? Despite all problems and talks around selfie trend, it is still in fashion and men are doing their best to complete such an impossible mission. That is why we have brought together several tips to ease the process of becoming a new popular male selfie-model. Because everyone knows that taking a simple picture is not enough.

So here we go:

How to take good selfies for guys #2

Quality camera is essential for a final result

1. Choose a good camera for selfie poses

Traditionally this kind of picture is taken with a frontal camera, but its quality is really poor and can disappoint. Sometimes the only solution is a photoshopping application, which can be the only help. However, choosing device with a maximum possible level of megapixels can surprise you with the result without almost any effort. And, of course, do not start playing with wide-angle lens to avoid ‘stretched’ look. All you need is a right angle of shooting, which is slightly above the eye level and your good natural mood.

2. Right picture poses for guys.

Yes, not all the angles of our faces and bodies are so beautiful as we consider them to be. Everyone needs some practice to find out the right side and expression of a face. So just try to use a mirror, in order to find the best option and get several pictures to check the way it looks, before publishing. The secret is not to raise the camera too high and not to lower it, to emphasize the double chin or big nose. When you find your best personal reflection, the number of poses will significantly increase and give you a wide choice of options. Remember all important and good-looking details of your appearance to emphasize and do not forget to hide defects.

How to take good selfies for guys #3

Lighten your advantages

3. Lighting tips for male selfies.

The lighting is important for everyone and everywhere – males, females, professional pictures or amateurs, office or elevator looks, as well as bathroom images. Most professionals will usually recommend to use a perfect full daylight, avoiding sun shining into your face or behind you. Otherwise the photo should be very creative and there is no guarantee that your follower will understand the idea. And this is not the aim you are going to, but more likes and shares. Choose your own flattering light and get the best selfie you can to offer to your fans. Try to impress them with your choice.

How to take good selfies for guys #4

Have fun and choose a winning background

4. Good background is a half success of man poses for pictures.

Do not ignore the place you are going to picture and to post in social networks. You should avoid dirty and creepy places with many distracting details, which can ruin your moment. Make sure that your home is clean or you have a great natural picture of Alps and waterfalls, which will contribute to your success. Otherwise find an interesting moment in the street and capture it with your funny face together.

How to take good selfies for guys #5

Animals and celebrities are always there to help

5. Winning photography poses for men.

It might sound strange, but studies show that guys look more attractive together with pets and celebrities. Do not try to understand why, just get a kitty or puppy to take a selfie and here you go with 10 new likes every minute. Maybe it is not that easy to find a celebrity to capture, but you can always try to go to a nightclub or concert. Still, guys can try to show the work out in a gym in front of the mirror or good muscles, if you have such. In case you miss such a small detail, just try your smile as natural as you can or practice other facial expressions to guess the one your followers will like more.

How to take good selfies for guys #6

Fresh and clean

To conclude it is important to mention that sincerity is in fashion as well for both girls and guys. This will help you to choose the right picture to publish. Do not be scared to experiment with outfits and places. Remember that a clean fresh shirt is a must for an ideal guy selfie. You will definitely get more likes wearing it, instead of your old by favorite college t-shirt. Have fun and invite your friends to create a necessary mood.

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