Fitness modeling is not only about eating healthy and keeping fit but also about finding ways to make a profit. When we are young and beautiful, there are no obstacles to creating the right look and image. Beauty conquers the world, and it is only a matter of time before the demand will be presented to you. And it is essential to understand how to make the right offer when that moment comes. In this article, we are going to talk about how modeling bodybuilding can make you rich and the ways to get to these goals.

How to become a fitness model?

In today's digital world, everyone has an opportunity to brand themselves. The internet and social media in particular help in promoting one's brand if it is properly presented and beautified with an advertising campaign. Accordingly, fitness models work closely with various photographers to get the perfect shots. This approach will help you to move faster on the Internet and then decide what to do with this fame. Anyway, this is not even the first step, but the main point is in there. Sports background is the first step, and getting muscles and a fit body look it is much more difficult than anything else. The sport requires discipline, and there is no way around it. Thus having achievements in sport you a priori become a valuable person who has no problems with time management and other organizational moments that can significantly affect your performance in other aspects.

Fitness models jobs

If you have significant achievements in sports and your popularity in social networks is going ahead of you, it is time to think about how you can use all this in terms of income. There are many ways, but the main ones can be divided into two categories, passive and active income.

  • Passive income is derived from affiliate programs.
  • Active income is achieved by building personal brands in your sphere of influence.

When passive income is good in as it is, an active income being the hard way may develop your initiatives into a fully functional company.

Active income in a nutshell

One of the ways of active income, which helps fitness models to get rich is to create their own merch or sports nutrition brand. It is also very good if you do a vlog or stream on one of the platforms where you have a lot of followers. In this way, you can do various drawings thereby promoting your merch or any other products. Next, we will break down the options for developing active income, but let's deal with passive income first.

Passive income

Affiliate programs are a type of passive income, where you earn at the expense of the interest generated in you and therefore trust.

 In addition, you can share referral links or promo codes with your audience and giveaways of your partnership products. But here you have to be picky because if the advertised products will not be able to satisfy your audience, this very audience can start leaking out. Reputation matters. Therefore, it is best to try this product yourself before recommending it for the sake of quick income. Otherwise, you will get the money, but your reputation will be lost, and it is just the most expensive thing here.

Collaborations and partnerships

As your popularity grows, you will somehow start receiving various offers from potential partners, be it advertisers or collaborations.

Collaboration implies joint promotion, it is similar to an affiliate program, but here you cooperate with a company to promote in career together. On the other hand, an affiliate program implies that one of you has already achieved certain results and is looking for additional ways to advance your career. Thus, companies producing sportswear or sports nutrition may be interested in you as the face of their company. It could also be the other way around in case you have already gained significant popularity, and there are plenty of competitive companies around that need help with promotion. So you can already make an affiliate program on your terms and, for example, lay a percentage of future sales either by referral links or by offering yourself as a face on their products.

Important notes

What is good about affiliate programs is that if you already have significant popularity, you can make an affiliate program on your terms. You can have several partners. Naturally, no one likes competition, but when you can get a percentage of sales from numerous companies instead of one, the choice is obvious. It is normal from the business standpoint because you never know whether this or that company will fully develop and bring you the necessary profit, so it is better to work with a number of partners at once. And when these companies seriously declare themselves, you can always revise the partnership terms excluding the conflict of interest between them and other competitors. Therefore, if you decide to come to the industry of fitness modeling, it is best to consider several different and non-competing areas in the world of sports, such as supplements and apparel that can work together.

Male fitness modeling active profit development

To achieve your goals, you will need to create content on various platforms where you will be helping your community interested in sports with training splits, nutrition plans, and advice on sports supplements to achieve results. By doing so, you will generate more interest and an influx of audience will not make you wait for a long time if you are helpful. The active way of income is challenging as it will take you a lot of time and effort to go through all the steps on the way to your goal. You will have to fully dedicate yourself to your business idea and still remember to stay in shape given the more limited time frame.


Regardless of the method you choose to deliver your content to the consumer, it is still recommended to make a YouTube channel. YouTube has very advanced algorithms that can promote your brand in a matter of months and sometimes even weeks. Tell your viewers about different nutrition plans, and training plans in detail. Here you can also advertise your partners in sports supplements and outfits, as well as demonstrate your personal brands.


Instagram is a must-have platform these days, where you will base your photo content making a selling modeling portfolio with it. Population and algorithms of content promotion on Instagram will give you subscribers that will be smoothly added to your YouTube audience. Thus, both platforms will begin to work together. A person just flips through the Instagram feed on sports, sees you in great shape, and the caption under the photo where you tell how to achieve this with a link to a YouTube channel. It's simple, isn't it?


Twitter is certainly a controversial platform today. It is unlikely to help you promote yourself directly. Therefore, it is recommended to use it as a “seasoning” to the general flow of followers. Here you can post your achievements, for example, thus drawing more and more attention, as well as referral links and other things that can help your other platforms in the promotion.


Streaming services such as Twitch and YouTube are meant to establish more interaction between you and your community. Making content for YouTube you go by the script most of the time, but here you will have a live broadcast and no prepared phrases, as they say. Therefore, streaming services can be used to visualize how you train in particular and answer questions from your chat. This will significantly increase interest in your product because we trust those who show how it works, as well as getting answers to frequently asked questions.

All of this combined will catalyze your income with the right approach. The only problem is finding the time to do it all. But since we mentioned earlier that athletes are usually good with discipline and time management, we think you won't have an issue. In case of emergency, you can always find people and managers who will help you with editing your photos, videos, and streams. In the long term, it may turn into a full-fledged company with employees.


When you feel that your labor is bearing fruit, it is time to make a site where you will be directly selling your products. Perhaps the most obvious advantage in terms of sales is that you do not need to incur additional costs for premises, people, and other bureaucracy. You just need to agree with the delivery company that will work with you and set up all the automation on the site so that people can buy what they need with a couple of clicks without filling out unnecessary forms.

When the site is already promoted, then you can start opening stores gradually expanding your sphere of influence from the Internet to the real world. Despite the fact that the real world and the Internet are very closely linked today, physical stores will add credibility and more brand recognition. However, the promotion may be an issue here, especially if you are willing to start from the site. So let us break this case down and see what can help.

E-commerce ways and promotion

If you are at the initial stages and your income plus time does not allow you to have a beautiful and functioning website, you can use such services as Shopify and Printful. The first service allows you to create an online store which takes about 10–15 minutes. You will need to connect this store to the Printful app, which contains all the products you want to sell. The setup and connection are free of charge. And on top of that, you will not even need to pay in advance for the offered product, and you pay for it only after the sale, which is very convenient especially if affiliate programs are your priority. Printful, on the other hand, will handle shipping and all the necessary processes in this regard. Shopify and Printful have a direct connection through the application that allows you to customize everything to work in auto.

Make your own brand

Also, pay attention to Rocktomic. This service allows you to make your own personal kits from brand supplements with your own brand on the packaging. This service will even help you create your personal brand logo at a minimal cost. Simply put, you are given a ready-made product that you simply assemble into one or another set of supplements that you will sell under your brand.


Amazon is also used by many people as a platform to make sales. You sign an affiliate deal, so the store will sell for you, but tax you on sales. You can read the terms and conditions directly on the website or by contacting their customer support. In addition to the sales themselves, Amazon will handle all the chores associated with picking up the goods from the warehouse, as well as shipping and packaging.

Female model fitness jobs

All gates to the world of income are also open to girls. Here we can even add that popularity is easier to gain popularity being a fitness women model, due to the natural female attractiveness. Since your audience will consist of 70% of men, the income will not be long in coming. It may be easier to sell products being a male fitness model, but it is a proven fact that women are able to gather huge audiences that will make donations on live broadcasts more often than men. So you can do everything that male fitness models do but with slightly different priorities. You can do the same workout and diet advices for women audience and add up on fashion tips, for instance. Women's abs and muscles are harder to develop in general, so this will draw even more attention.

Side jobs

In addition to this, being a fitness model women get offers from photographers and agencies that need a face more frequently. And it will not necessarily be products from the sports sector. It can be cosmetics, magazines, and other things where a girl's face is very important. It's unlikely to be offered to men. However, this could also be applied to men, because there are also men's cosmetics and apparel companies that would like to get a fit man for their product advertisement. Both men and women may also start by being fitness trainers in gyms or fitness centers. The income here is not that big, but if you are just getting started to get the value in the world of sports, then why not?


As you can see there are many easy ways to start and develop your fitness modeling career. Tools on the internet have a variety of ways to sell your products almost for free. These services are interested in you the same as you want to thrive and will help you to get things done for a shared income.