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Makeup has been taken for granted in women's care for a long time. Nowadays, it is rather problematic to be drastically surprised by something in this regard. Women visit beauty salons and even have their own beauticians and makeup artists. You can surprise your friends on social networks with unique art makeup. The main difference from regular makeup is that it is practically makeup with a certain meaning that you want to convey to the viewer. Thus, a photo with makeup like this can become storytelling or just make you stand out from the majority. It can also be an excellent attribute on your social media page during the Halloween celebration. In order to do this, you do not even need to sit in the salon for hours and apply all this makeup for one shot. In fact, your usual full-face photo and a competent art makeup editor would be enough.

Makeup art app

Photoshop editing requires a serious skill when it comes to art makeup. With the RetouchMe application, the task is greatly simplified, and you will get the required results quickly and easily. RetouchMe is a program that allows you to send your images for online processing by professional retouchers.

We do not use any presets, all work is done manually and in real-time.

How to use the app

The application is available for any platform, whether you have an iPhone or Android, you just need to go to Play Market or App Store and find RetouchMe there.

  • After installation, confirm that the application has acquired the rights for its correct operation.

  • Upload your new photo to the app, or choose from the list of already taken photos.

  • Find certain options in the list below the image of your choice.

  • Then, If you do not need any other options, you can click the send button.

You can track finished images in the section with completed works in the RetouchMe app. We are always glad to receive feedback from our users, so if you think that your photo requires improvement, you can indicate in your notes what specifically needs to be paid attention to by our team.

Published: 10 Oct 2019
Updated: 19 Nov 2022
Time to read: 1 minute

IT entrepreneur and co-founder of RetouchMe. His passion is travel photography, within which, he has already visited 75 countries. Photos taken during his travels are actively posted on his social networks. For example, his Instagram account has more than 1 million followers.
In addition, his documentary short film Terra del Fuego was awarded more than 30 international awards and certificates at film festivals worldwide.

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What app can I use to create art makeup in a photo?

No need for photo retouching skills anymore. Upload your picture in the RetouchMe App and get an improved version from our highly experienced team of photoshop designers.

How can I edit a photo to add art makeup?

You should select a photo in RetouchMe App from your gallery, find and select the art makeup retouch service, send us an order, and in 10-15 minutes you will receive your retouched photo back in the application.

Why does RetouchMe app have a better quality of the art makeup photo retouch effect?

Every time your photos are processed by real people - an expert team of graphic designers using Photoshop. Professional processing gives you a much higher quality retouching, which can not be achieved in other automatic photo editors.