Dreams of the ideal wedding reside in every girl's or woman's heart. Picture it: a beachfront ceremony amidst stunning vistas in a world-renowned Resort, within a medieval European castle's walls, amidst the rustic charm of a Farm, or ensconced in opulence at a distant, lavish Hotel. The options are boundless, but today, we explore the paramount wedding venues globally, those that command the highest regard and can truly etch an indelible memory of your special day. Isn't that what everyone craves on their happiest occasion? Behold the crème de la crème - the best wedding venues in the world at your beck and call. Our compilation features locations, boasting awe-inspiring architecture, unparalleled service, exquisite design, and a plethora of other delights of the most luxurious wedding venues in the world.

Factors for the best wedding places in the world

To set the list of venues we need to start by looking at what the vast majority of people want. Usually, it is not just service and the ability to invite as many guests as possible, but also unique views, scenery, and variability in terms of entertainment within the venue itself. Photography is an undeniable part of the wedding schedule, if you want to delve into the intricacies of making good wedding photos, you may follow our dedicated wedding photography poses article.

We have also included a price range so that people with different budgets can choose the right place from our list of the best wedding locations in the world.

Oberoi Udaivilas in Udaipur India

Venture into the realm of the best places to get married in the world, unveiling the splendid Oberoi Udaivilas Udaipur in India as our inaugural destination. For years, it has claimed its throne as one of Asia's preeminent hotels, and the reasons are no enigma. Every facet of this establishment exudes sheer magnificence - from its awe-inspiring accommodations and impeccable service to its delightful array of restaurants and stunning Spa, constituting the quintessential elements for an idyllic sojourn in India.

Whilst boasting an elegant reception area, regrettably, the venue lacks provisions for hosting the wedding ceremony itself. You'll need to seek external arrangements for the event's orchestration.

Securing this astonishing setting for your momentous day demands an investment of approximately $8,000. Adorned with 450 meticulously crafted stone columns and draped in white marble throughout, it offers a serene panorama overlooking Lake Piccola, a vista that encapsulates sheer tranquility.

Molenvliet Wine Estate in Steelenbosch South Africa

Behold the enchanting vistas overlooking the Dwarves River and the Banhoek Valley, elevating this ethereal sanctuary among the best wedding spots in the world. Its allure lies in the idyllic setting, boasting splendid Vineyards and exquisitely manicured gardens, rendering this retreat exceptionally extraordinary.

The Molenvliet Wine Estate accommodates a modest 14 guests within its confines, yet the grandeur of your celebration can unfold amidst the sprawling Vineyards or within the estate's dedicated wedding venue, welcoming up to 350 attendees to revel in the festivities. This sublime experience comes at a cost of $10,000, a price that unlocks this symphony of natural beauty and refined celebration.

Odescalchi Castle in Rome Italy

Nestled just a stone's throw away from Rome, Italy, lies the Idescalchi Castle, a captivating medieval fortress steeped in history since the 15th century. Now, it stands ready to bear witness to your wedding, presenting an enchanting panorama of Lake Braciano. The castle exudes an ambiance tailor-made for this momentous occasion, adorned with resplendent floral arrangements, an ancient tower, and a centuries-old garden, all weaving together a tapestry of timeless beauty.

For a starting price of $15,000, this enchanting haven opens its gates, capable of accommodating up to a staggering one thousand guests. A fascinating tidbit: this very locale served as the wedding venue for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, a testament affirming its stature among the best wedding venues worldwide.

New York Public Library

Behold this intriguing revelation: the New York Public Library opens its doors for private events, accommodating a generous gathering of up to 450 guests, commencing at a base price of $50,000. Revelries unfold within the distinguished confines of the Astor Hall or the Celeste Bartos forum, offering the choice between a chic cocktail soirée or an elegant formal dinner affair.

However, a note to be heeded - while this prestigious venue lacks an in-house wedding planner, it beckons you to enlist your own orchestrator for the event. Additionally, it caters solely to the civil aspect of ceremonies, necessitating an alternate setting for any religious rites to be conducted.

The Biltmore Estate in North Carolina

Set against a backdrop of expansive acreage and captivating landscaping lies a marvel that dates back to its completion in 1895, boasting more than 250 rooms and sprawled across a staggering 8,000 acres of exquisitely manicured gardens. Originally crafted by George Vanderbilt II in the 19th century, this grandiose estate stands as the largest privately owned domicile in the United States.

Within this colossal residence, couples are offered a myriad of choices for their nuptials. Eight distinct settings await, each vying for attention – from the opulent Lion Crest Grand Ballroom to the charming Italian Garden or even the majestic expanse of the front lawn. Whether it’s the pristine Lawns of the Biltmore house or the tranquil koi ponds nestled amidst the estate’s Italian Gardens, the Biltmore Estate reigns supreme as one of the nation's foremost luxury venues.

Wedding planners at this esteemed location strive to fulfill every wish, offering bespoke menus and a complimentary stay for the fortunate couple, adding an extra dash of delight to the occasion. For the privilege of a wedding package at the Biltmore Estate, the starting price stands at $50,500, a small token for the luxury and opulence it bestows upon the celebration.

Chateaux Vaux Le Vicomte in Maincy France

For an added investment of $60,000, you secure exclusive possession of an entire 17th-century Chateau property, nestled within a splendid park spanning 1200 acres. While the park's rental duration is limited to five hours, it provides an ample canvas for an unforgettable celebration and the capture of several breathtaking photographs. Inside this opulent Chateau, the interiors boast the hallmarks of Baroque architecture, adorned with intricate motifs, romantic candlelit ambiance, and an array of bespoke details, rendering it among the nicest wedding venues in the world.

The Chateaux Vaux Le Vicomte stands as a testament to magnificence, a grandeur envisioned by Nicholas Focate, the superintendent of finance at the court of Louie XIV. Renowned for hosting weddings steeped in unparalleled luxury, it beckons couples in search of an extraordinary wedding encounter. Embracing the original French formal Gardens, a trend that swept across Europe, the estate boasts noble Gardens and abundant Fountains that played a pivotal role in inspiring the illustrious design of the Palace of Versailles. Mere kilometers away from Paris, Vaux Le Vicomte offers ceremonial Chateau rooms, tailored impeccably for weddings, anniversaries, and other exclusive gatherings. These ceremonious chambers exude elegance, featuring private salons and panoramic vistas overlooking the resplendent formal Gardens.

The Loeb Boathouse in Central Park New York

Nestled proudly within the heart of Central Park, the resplendent low Boathouse stands as a testament to time, boasting a legacy spanning over one hundred and fifty years. This picturesque venue, available for a minimum five-hour reservation, commands a price likely exceeding $60,000. Beyond its tranquil vistas overlooking the lake, the Boathouse adorns itself with lush gardens flanking its northern and western perimeters, rendering it among the most captivating natural settings within New York City.

It presents an exquisite opportunity, eliminating the need to journey to far-flung destinations for your wedding, offering the perfect blend of nature's beauty and urban charm right within the bustling metropolis.

Alila Villas in Uluwatu Bali

Commencing at a starting price of seventy-four thousand dollars, the enchanting Alila Villas Uluwatu perches atop an elevated plateau, seamlessly intertwining with the Limestone Cliffs that lead toward the vast expanse of the ocean, bestowing upon guests an indelible and awe-inspirin vista. This sanctuary transcends the boundaries of being merely one of Bali's finest resorts; it holds a place among the elite echelons of the world's most exquisite destinations.

Exuding an exotic ambiance within a tropical paradise, the wedding planners at this haven excel in bringing forth the essence of the perfect celebration. Here, a myriad of venues awaits your selection, from the captivating Cliff Edge Sunset Cabana to the more intimate confines of the wedding Villas, ensuring a wedding experience tailored to your desires.

Pelican Hill in Newport Beach California

Envision your dream wedding unfolding within minutes of Los Angeles at the prestigious Pelican Hill resort. Nestled along the stunning coastline of Newport Beach, this locale offers an idyllic beach location, perfect for an al fresco celebration. Here, the canvas is yours to paint as you desire, with the option to tailor every aspect of the wedding, provided you're willing to invest approximately one hundred thousand dollars.

Renowned for its opulence, this upscale retreat claims the prime spot for weddings along the West Coast. Encircled by ancient olive trees and fragrant lavender, it presents a picturesque setting accentuated by the breathtaking backdrop of the majestic Pacific Ocean. This fusion of natural beauty and coastal allure crafts an unparalleled wedding destination.

Laucala Island Resort in Fiji

Prepare to be captivated by this astounding private island retreat nestled in the heart of Fiji, boasting an impressive array of 25 exquisite villas capable of accommodating up to 80 guests. The allure extends across a vast expanse of 4.5 kilometers of this majestic island. Should you choose to orchestrate your wedding at the Laucala Island Resort, be prepared to invest approximately one hundred fifty thousand dollars. However, the price unlocks an indulgent experience, including traditional Fiji therapy at the resort's enchanting Spa.

Beyond the ceremony, immerse yourself in a landscape of unparalleled beauty, where volcanic mountains stand sentinel, coral reefs glisten beneath azure waters, and pristine beaches embrace the island's edge. Venture further into the embrace of the tropical rainforest, each facet weaving together to create an ambiance of absolute splendor.

Velaa Private Island Noonu Atoll Maldives

For those seeking an extraordinary destination wedding venue that presents unmatched vistas, luxurious services of the highest caliber, and absolute seclusion, Velaa Private Island emerges as the ultimate choice. This resplendent island retreat promises an unparalleled wedding encounter, allowing couples to pledge their vows amidst one of the most serene and peaceful settings found anywhere on Earth. In the Maldives, Velaa Private Island extends the invitation for private island weddings, catering to both intimate elopements and grand celebrations hosting up to 50 guests.

What sets this resort apart is its commitment to tailor-made wedding packages, ensuring that every facet of your momentous day is meticulously personalized and adapted to suit your distinctive desires and preferences. From the exchange of vows to the smallest details, this haven ensures a wedding experience beyond compare, where the extraordinary becomes the norm.

Pleasantdale Chateau West Orange New Jersey

Renowned as a prime choice among celebrity wedding destinations in the United States, this locale is a coveted spot for high-profile matrimonial celebrations. Its charm lies within a sprawling 40-acre estate, a treasure from a bygone era, shrouded in a secluded and enchanting landscape, a picture-perfect canvas for realizing the fairy tale wedding of your aspirations. The Pleasantdale Chateau, with its expansive grounds, is poised to host weddings accommodating up to 350 esteemed guests.

Upon arrival, guests are greeted by ivy-draped gates that seem plucked from the pages of a storybook, setting the stage for an enchanting experience. The entrance leads into a breathtaking hall, a testament to opulence and magnificence. Adorned with a resplendent crystal chandelier, stately Limestone columns, and exquisite 17th-century Spanish floor tiles, it weaves an ambiance steeped in unparalleled sophistication. This venue promises an experience where every moment is a chapter in a fairy tale come to life.

The Langham Chicago Illinois

Nestled in a prime locale near some of Chicago's premier attractions like Millennium Park, Navy Pier, and North Michigan Avenue, The Langham stands as an exquisite blend of a hotel and a splendid wedding venue. With captivating vistas overlooking both the Chicago River and Lake Michigan, this establishment offers an elegant and opulent backdrop for your momentous event. It boasts 268 guest rooms, 48 lavish suites, and an impressive expanse of over 15,000 square feet meticulously designed for events, ensuring ample space for your guests to revel in the celebration.

For couples yearning for the pinnacle of luxury in their wedding experience, The Langham introduced an exclusive $500,000 wedding package back in 2019. This extravagant offering featured a generous $15,000 credit towards a Couture wedding gown, luxury wedding design services curated by Rishi Pate, spa indulgences for the entire wedding party, and top-tier entertainment, all culminating in an experience beyond compare. This venue promises an event where every detail is a brushstroke in a canvas of sheer elegance and sophistication.

Disney World wedding venue

If you are looking for a more entertaining way to celebrate your wedding, you may find it appealing for Disney-themed weddings. People from around the world are celebrating different events of their life here and weddings are no exception. There are different parts of the park that are perfect for weddings including over 50 venues that you can choose for your ceremony or for your receptions. That is everything from caste courtyards to lakeside gazebos to beach settings as well as even international backdrops such as Epcot. The amount and scope of choices will be appealing to everybody. You can learn more about Disney World wedding venues in our dedicated article.

Capture your best wedding celebration

That was our compilation of the most beautiful wedding venues in the world. As we mentioned earlier, taking photos of your wedding celebration is essential to memorize and capture these groom and bride moments and put them into your wedding album to eventually recall and go through these joyful moments of one of the best moments in your life. We have an article dedicated to wedding photo editing tips where we share thoughts and professional photographers' standpoints to get amazing shots through your celebration that you will never forget. If you have your photos recently captured you may also save on editing with the RetouchMe app and our team of professional Photoshop designers will make sure that you will get a perfectly edited photo in no time!