Boudoir photography is a type of professional photography in which the model is dressed in rather provocative clothing. Not to be confused with nude photography or nature photography. In boudoir photography you do not have to be naked, the choice of clothing is always up to you, but your photographs should be classy and emphasize your sexuality and shapes. Boudoir photography existed long before it became branched out as a wedding photography trend. Let us break it down and see what tasks and purposes it has in general, and then apply this knowledge to the wedding atmosphere.

Bridal boudoir photography session ideas and tasks

A boudoir shoot can have several purposes:

  1. A bride's morning is when a girl is going to a wedding. This is a special mood and for the bride's morning, it is very important to convey the sacred value of the moment.
  2. The second option is when we do lingerie photography. It can be lingerie sets or swimsuits, it can be a beach shoot or a studio shoot. When photographing lingerie, the priority is still to show the clothes, not the model.
  3. Personal photography in underwear.

The purpose of boudoir glamour photography

This type of photography has become a trend in wedding photography as well and has high demand nowadays. Many brides want to capture themselves on the day of the wedding as they are in the best and fit shape, which is the main purpose of bridal boudoir photos. Later it becomes a separate photo album that can be presented to the groom as a gift from the bride, so that way he will always remember how beautiful you are even after many years of marriage.

The task for such an album may vary. A girl may want to make a gift for her lover or to demonstrate her sports performance, or she may want to portray herself as she is. In this case, it is necessary to pay as much attention as possible to how the subject will look in the frame. And separate attention is paid to posing. For a slender girl, for a girl with a more athletic look, and for a girl with lush forms, there are different camera settings and lenses. Focal lengths of poses and shooting points will be different for all cases, and the results will be very different.

Lens choice for wedding boudoir photography

This paragraph is intended for photographers who plan to take boudoir photos.

Let us discuss a very important aspect of boudoir photography, such as lens choice and what you get with different types.

In order to change the focal length quickly, it is recommended to use 24 -100 mm non-sensitive light lenses. The focal length for boudoir photography is very important because perspective distortion depends on it. For example, 60 mm has less focal distortion and fewer dynamics, as well as more detail.

When you shoot with a 24 mm lens there would be more space in the frame, more dynamics, and possible disproportions. So perspective distortion will determine how your model's figure will look. By choosing a wider focal length (24 - 35 mm) we can visually lengthen the limbs, make the figure look more upward and the frames appear more dynamic. This is especially important when shooting plus size nude poses. This effectively conceals the excessive volume and increases the length of the legs. In order to emphasize details, it is best to choose focal lengths of 80-105 mm. This also allows you to blur the background and get a shot without perspective distortion. It also allows you to capture the materials, the makeup, hair, and other details of your model - the things you want the viewer to focus on, convey, and present.

Bridal boudoir photography nude concerns

The main question about this kind of photo shoot usually is, “Do I have to be naked?”

Knowing the concept, many women can be scared if they are not professional models and have no experience in photographing underwear. But to be real, when else would you pay more attention to yourself if not for photoshoots like this? However, you make your own decision and the degree of candor for your photo session. Your boudoir photographer will take any decision you make respectfully and help you to go through it. The main task is to emphasize your sexuality on your best day. You can do it in different ways, so the choice is yours, the photographer can only guide and advise you on possible bridal boudoir outfits and poses. Do not do a naked photo set just because you feel like having to do it in this way and only. Your partner would be grateful for good selfie poses as well as for more X-rated photos. Make sure that you are comfortable at first, then make your decision based on how good the contact is with your photographer. Photographers could be both men and women to your liking.

Bridal boudoir photography poses

This is a solo photoshoot that focuses on sexy and flirty poses. Photos of this kind can be both racy and PG-rated. It is crucial to find a photographer with experience in this regard. Most wedding photographers initially have this option in their packages, and sometimes put it in a separate package at a different cost. Choose a photographer who you will be comfortable working with for the photo shoot and who will lead you through.

Bridal boudoir photography exists both for men and women, but today we discuss women’s poses exclusively and show some examples.

Clothes on

Let us start with this example, considering the most concerns about nude photography.

You can emphasize sexuality in different ways, the main thing is to feel natural and stay true to yourself. Of course, you can show some acting skills if you feel like it. Or you can just throw your legs on the back of the bed and softly smile in a playful manner.

Next to the mirror

Just a simple and nice idea that is never getting old.

It is getting hot!

You could wear a sexy nightie and show yourself in all your glory. A secret of women’s sexuality is the smoothness of curves, so do not hesitate to use it!

Just a little bit

Show your beloved groom a little bit more if you are brave enough

Black and white photos have a good use, even there!

Attention to details

As we have found before at the effects of using different lenses, it is time to take the opportunity to emphasize details.

Maybe that is the mole he loves you so much for.

Remember that a slightly covered nature is always sexier, leave some room for imagination!

What is the best time and place for a boudoir photoshoot?

Usually, such a photo set is planned one or two months before the event. By this time, all the wedding organizational issues are usually solved, and you can focus more attention on yourself. Boudoir photography needs a good dedication, so it is important that your mind is not filled with unsolved issues, as well as not held in a hurry. On the other hand, the photographer will have enough time to make prints and an album for your future photo to be ready in anticipation of the event. An intimate photo session before the most important day in your life will not only be a pleasant surprise for your lover, but also will give you more confidence on your wedding day.

The choice of location will affect the appropriate atmosphere. You can book a hotel room with good surroundings, as well as in your own bedroom or in a photo studio. Now with this knowledge, you can diversify your bridal party boudoir photography!