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Why you need to edit eyes on pet photo

We love our pets and really adore making their pictures. In fact, most of us have a phone memory full of dog or cat images in various poses. But when it comes to publishing a sweet puppy or kitten online, we are ready to do our best to improve the picture. Animals seem to us more photogenic than humans, but still, men and women all over the world can not stop searching for new ways to upgrade their albums, getting more and more likes and comments online.

One of the most common searches is a pet eye photo correction tool. It is surprising how the total look of human beings and animals change with another eye color. Despite usual green or yellow shades, many cats and dogs have the same red eyes problem, when looking at bright flash of the camera. Most apps are created to work with human faces and problems when Retouchme animal eye color corrector is widely used for our beloved pets as well. There is nothing so frustrating as a perfect posture, ruined by red eye glow. This usual photography problem can be easily solved in only one click and just ninety-nine cents.

Remove every single defect in a few minutes to enjoy a great snapshot which is going to be loved by all the virtual world. You will never know if your lucky pic can become a new famous mem, but you can always stamp a perfect portrait of your friend to keep it in your office or home bookshelf.

How to change pet eye color in pictures

Start with these nice and easy steps to try this magic tool, full of numerous options to try while editing.

  1. Use Android or iPhone to find retouchme fix pet eye app in your usual store online.

  2. Download it to your device and open picture gallery to choose the one you need to edit.

  3. Find the necessary correction service you want to try and send the request to designers.

  4. Wait a few minutes to get the best photos of you with your best animal friend.

Examples of fix cat eyes photos

Both dogs and cats can experience this strange change of colors, due to their age or even some diseases. But now it is not a problem anymore if you like kitty green or deep blue eyes and after they grow up it turns into dark brown. Because you can easily turn back the favorite shade using this cat eye app and less than one dollar. Adults may not always be so easy to pose and stay still for a great shot, but there is a good way to change poor image into a great one with perfect contrasts and absence of distortions, blur and other reasons to get upset.

Examples of fix dog eyes photos

Dogs are known for a more devoted character and ability to perform necessary commands by its owner. But it does not mean that they will look great with their facial expressions. Even if they look curiously into your eyes, a camera flash can ruin the moment or even destroy scaring your pet. Just take the snapshot and put into the application which will offer a number of options to improve the overall effect. It will help to avoid the endless shooting process to make the only one successful image for publishing in social networks.

What does our photo service suggest?

Our pet eye color editor suggests the best retouch effects, which can be applied to every single picture. Whether it is a successful complex SLR studio photo or a simple homemade selfie, there are no impossible tasks for a professional team of photoshop experts. You are free to choose by yourself the intensity of effect chosen. In case you have doubts about the option to choose, let our designers choose the right intensity and shade. No other app is able to provide the same range of editing tools not only for human beings but pets as well. Every inch is processed by real people, which guarantees 100% satisfaction and positive feedback.

Take a look at other features to try and laugh improving images and making almost a model looking appeal to your pet. Try to enlarge eyes, in case if your kitty looks sleepy or tired. Some dogs with excessive weight tend to have a bigger head and smaller eyes. Choose the enlarging option to create a more symmetric look to get even more likes on Facebook and Instagram. Solve red eye and discharge problem in a just one click with the professional help of photoshop experts. From now not only humans can look more attractive, but their home animals as well.

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