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Replace face

Replace face Option Overview

Photo Example after the use of Replace face Retouching Feature
Photo Example before the use of Replace face Retouching Feature

Would you like to experiment and to replace face in photo? With this app, the replacement is fast and easy. There is no need to seek for a plastic surgeon with our photo face changer app. If you want to have a celebrity’s beauty, his or her smile, hairstyle, etc. or to turn into a pretty model, use the option of the online photo face replacer.

How to Change Face in Photo?

  • Download free.
  • Choose the photo to replace face from the app’s gallery, your old collection or upload your own one.
  • Select and touch the face you’d like to have from our templates or your own collection, or any other photo from the internet.
  • Remove the old face and fill in the new one.
  • Make the comparison before taking the final decision.
  • Change face in photo with another face and be happy with a new image.
  • Then you can add the makeup or frame, or any other details optionally.

Face change photo editor creates a funny or a magic effect, embodies the craziest ideas – everything is up to you.

Change Face on Photo for Use and for Fun

Why do I replace my face? – You may ask. There is a wide range of purposes for editing. Some men and women don’t want anybody to recognize them. Others change face on photo to create the amusing collage. Most users enjoy replacing face or even body for trolling, joking, and entertaining. We offer one of the best change face in photo apps that will definitely capture your attention with the top-notch software and technology.

It is possible to edit photo change face using your Apple (either iPhone or iPad) and Android mobile device (both tablets and smartphones). The photo change face app has its own camera on board to reshape any person you want – whether from your album or the Internet.

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