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Сhange background Option Overview

Photo Example after the use of Сhange background Retouching Feature
Photo Example before the use of Сhange background Retouching Feature
Option description

To change the background in a photo online is not as difficult as it might seem to be. It sometimes happens that background distracts your attention for being cluttered, full of unwanted details or just blurred, dark, etc. Disappointment is even deeper if the foreground of the picture looks nice but the background, to put it mildly, is imperfect. Selfie takers face this problem especially often because their snapshots are, in most cases, spontaneous.

You might be afraid that you will have to study all those retouching techniques to know how to edit background of a photo but we actually want to say that you don't.

RetouchMe photo background editor for perfect shots  With RetouchMe, you can change the whole atmosphere of the photo without needing to be a professional. Here is how the whole procedure to remove background from image looks like. Essentially, it consists in replacing the original background with a different image. First, the foreground is cut out and put in a new background. After, the initial background is removed to make the image transparent. The last step is to put a new background and foreground on the top.

RetouchMe will do all this for you. No need to learn how to combine layers or which brush to choose as all this is included in the RetouchMe Background feature. Photo editing is performed in a few minutes by our professional designers available around the day.

Set the White Background for Adverts.

If you are selling some product online, you need to create a presentation and web graphics. When displaying logos or products, you need to cut out image and place it on the background you like. A monochromatic, especially white, background in the pictures is perfect for focusing attention on the object. RetouchMe background changer can give you a hand with creating ads for your product as well. What is needed, it is only choosing a colour that compliments your product presentation.

How to Start Using RetouchMe Background Remover  RetouchMe has a very user-friendly interface. To learn how to change the background of an image with RetouchMe photo editor, follow the instructions below:

  • download a free app from Google Play or AppStore depending on the device you have;
  • launch an application and open the photo background of which you would like to change;
  • send it to designers for only $0.99, that is, 20 credits ;
  • wait from 5 to 10 minutes until RetouchMe professionals are transforming the image.

Why Use RetouchMe Background Remover.

RetouchMe background eraser is developed to give an instant retouch so that users are not required to possess any knowledge of photo editing techniques. RetouchMe photo editor opens the whole world of possibilities for the users who need to create stylish or funny photos out of pictures with an unpleasant background.

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