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Fun Option Overview

Photo Example after the use of Fun Retouching Feature
Photo Example before the use of Fun Retouching Feature
Option description

Have you ever come with an idea to transform those serious faces in the pictures into funny or hilarious grimaces? You are actually not the only person having such crazy thoughts. If making funny pictures from your or your friends’, colleagues’, family members’, politicians’, celebrities’ photographs is your hobby, RetouchMe can offer you a range of lovely photo frames, effects, stickers to create the funniest photos.

RetouchMe funny photo editor can give you a lot of entertainment by applying funny face effects to your image. Explore how your pictures would look if you changed your identity for a football fan, a knight, a bride, an alien, Iron Man and many more.

RetouchMe face swap app for your funny photo user experience.

For extra laughs, imagine that you are one of your favourite celebrities. Isn’t that exciting to become Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Britney Spears or Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt for a moment? Just think how you benefit. You can see how you would look like wearing celebrities’ stylish and elegant outfits. RetouchMe photo editors can do this face exchange by pasting your face on a celeb’s body in less than 5 minutes.

Also, by applying replace face in photo feature to some model’s body you can imagine yourself being tall and skinny. There may be many more ways to take advantage of using the RetouchMe app. It helps you to see what you would look like after plastic surgery without a need of going under the knife. Cool, right?

Make funny pictures with ease Besides funny effects, RetouchMe offers you a range of face and body features that can be used to have fun as well. When setting a maximum intensity for a retouch feature, you can make yourself skinnier, bigger, enlarge any body part, for example, make your legs thinner and longer, butt, breasts, and muscles bigger, waist slimmer, lips and eyes larger, etc. You are allowed to choose from one to an unlimited number of features but the minimal price per one photo is 20 credits which equals $0.99.

How to use RetouchMe funny photo app.

To explore the limits of your creativity and try out our app, just perform the following simple steps:

  • install our free RetouchMe photo editor on your Android or iOS device
  • open the picture you would like to experiment with from the app’s gallery
  • select your favourite funny effects
  • end your picture to our professional designers pushing a button on the top
  • share funny images on social media.

RetouchMe was developed to give its users versatile possibilities, both for entertaining and removing any imperfections. So, try out RetouchMe online photo editor in order to switch faces with friends or celebrities, apply numerous effects to create crazy caricatures right away!

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