Nicole Christine is a wedding photographer who has been shooting weddings for quite some time now and here are some top tips to improve your photos too. Natural lighting is what helps Nicole Christine create photographs that make the moments captured more real and alive. Emotions and their transmission are what you need to focus your attention on to take the best photos because the wedding is exactly the place where they are the most. Adapt to what's going on around you, you can never be fully prepared for what's going to happen, so always be ready to capture your best shot.

To create high-quality photographs and the most important thing is to capture emotions and the moment, you need to prepare everything before shooting. Before the wedding itself, it is worth meeting with the newlyweds and discussing with them how they want to see what you will do, and what kind of shots they need. After that, you need to prepare, charge the batteries for the camera so that it does not run out, and take lighting with you that will complement the photo. Communication is just as essential as preparation, so at a wedding you need to talk to people and give them advice on posing and everything else.

Photography style

The style that you will stick to is an individual thing that you should stick to surprise people with your skill. It is not necessary to create photographs of which there are already hundreds of thousands, you need to come up with something of your own that will catch the eye and fascinate people. You need to choose a style that suits exactly the people you are shooting, it can be both romantic and emotional, the main thing is to discuss this with the couple you will shoot. Almost everything will depend on the choice of shooting style, both the composition and the place that will be used for shooting, so all this needs to be thought out in advance.

Lighting and how to set it up?

Lighting is an important thing and is the aspect that makes ordinary photographs truly outstanding. The best source of light will be natural light, which can be used for free throughout the day. But if you are shooting indoors, you can use lighting that is as close to natural as possible to make all the shadows and small details much better. And reflectors can help with the lack of light, they are used to reflecting light so that it gets exactly where it needs to be.

Cohesion is the key

If during the shooting and in front of it you don’t coordinate anything with anyone, then the photos are unlikely to come out exactly the way everyone wants, because no one will know what to do. Therefore, for everything to go as it should, it is worth telling people and making it clear how to become right or what emotion to convey so that everything is cool and real. However, live photos can also be exactly what you need, so sometimes you can photograph people without warning to convey all the emotions in real-time.

The concept of a wedding

To convey the emotions of a wedding, you should adhere to one concept that will convey the style you require. Weddings often follow a certain theme and style, so your photos should capture that mood and emotion. You need to set the correct color gamut that will fit what is happening in the lens. The venue also needs to be discussed because the lighting, the color palette, and almost everything else will depend on it. The important thing is that everything must be coordinated, and the style must be selected by everyone who will be present in the photo in order not to spoil the overall concept.

Are perspective and composition important?

Composition and perspective are two things that build the idea of a photo and make great photos with them. Creating a cool shot is the main task of the photographer, and without composition, it will be simply impossible to create it. Therefore, first, you need to figure out how everything will look like and where to put this or that thing so that the composition fits the style and concept. After that, you will need to set the perspective according to what kind of composition, and if everything is done correctly, then the photos will not fail to evoke emotions in the people who will view them.

Get rid of planning stress

Stress is a thing that often ruins all photos and makes it difficult to convey those emotions that are. Everything should be in a light and friendly atmosphere so that people are relaxed and show sincere smiles. But, like people, the photographer must join the team and be relaxed to take shots that not everyone could capture. It is in a friendly and high-quality atmosphere that it is much easier to work and create those photos that were originally intended, so if someone is constrained, you need to help him relax.