A photographer from Seattle, Washington whose point is to focus on capturing raw and natural beauty around. That is basically a slogan for Dannie Melissa Wit. Dannie is in a successful marriage and her husband is very supportive of all of her commitments. She is also a full-time mom already having three kids to behave every day, that way she had to combine photography with real life altogether at all times. This leads her to understand family values and the ability to represent that in her work. She is a very good wedding photographer, her ability to capture raw naturality in the shot and family experience really makes up for outstanding shots like this.

Dannie is very artsy, and she appreciates originality, she’s been getting into photography at an early age when she wanted desperately depict the world in her paintings and the people in them.

Her first touches with photography started with Minolta's black and white film usage. After her 1st baby had born she has been telling she never forgets her hobby and love of photography, that way she felt in need to capture these moments of her baby growing as well.

The inspiration comes from watching everyday life which is routine for most, but not for Dannie. She has the ability to see through that to capture something that we can not see with the naked eye which we only see in the final images. Those moments are when a just married couple loves each other or a couple in love that has been married for 50 years already, and here you can see the “Before and After” story all of a sudden. The moments when mother and father are working and preparing for their little ones to just born and then Dad holds his child for the first time. These moments are priceless and have to be captured.

Dannie claims to be a family and wedding photographer. Her point is to capture what is a real, raw, and natural beauty as she says, and the history of your family. The main point here is to capture the Individuality of a particular family, even with beautiful facial flaws people have, their happy facial expressions going through spontaneous moments of the life span and saved for many years in these images.

Dannie has a passion to tell stories with photography instead of words which makes her an outstanding photographer because there is a saying that one photograph is worth thousands of words. And she commits to that language of photography.