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What is RetouchMe?

With the RetouchMe app, you can change your body shape, correct facial features, add cosmetic makeup, and remove any unwanted objects from the image. Make your skin smoother and correct selfies with our professional photo editing app. RetouchMe helps change the shape of your body, making it more toned, and also makes your legs slender with just one click.

You don't need to edit photos yourself. Simply choose one of 250+ services, and our professional designers will process the image for you.

What is the difference between RetouchMe and other photo editors?

RetouchMe offers you something more than just another automatic photo editor. It's a professional photo retouching service where your shots are processed by real professional designers. When true retouching specialists work on your photos, the processing is performed at a significantly higher level, and no one will ever know that your photo was improved.
It's like having your personal professional photo designer always with you!

Why is the photo editing quality higher in the RetouchMe app?

At RetouchMe, our goal is to provide you with seamless photo editing services by our expert team of graphic designers. We ensure that the edits are inconspicuous, so when you share your photos on social media, no one will suspect any alterations have been made.

Why are there more editing capabilities in the RetouchMe app?

In the RetouchMe app, real professional designers process orders using Photoshop, therefore the range of available photo services is much broader than in typical photo-editing applications. Photoshop allows far more retouching capabilities than any other photo-editing application.
RetouchMe offers over 250 photo services! You only need to choose the necessary photo services, and the photo designers will do all the rest of the work.

Why does RetouchMe provide better photo editing quality than AI photo editors?

At the moment, AI photo editors can successfully edit photos only within a very limited range of photo services. Moreover, if a specific type of retouching is required, where the quality criterion is the aesthetic naturalness of editing for a particular person so that it is not visible that the photo was edited, then such AI performs poorly.

RetouchMe offers more than 250 photo services carried out by real people - professional photo designers. Accordingly, the human perspective allows for aesthetic naturalness and subtle editing so that no one would guess about any changes in the photo.

Can you edit video files in RetouchMe?

In November-December 2023, the RetouchMe app is expected to introduce a video retouching feature.

The services offered will include: Color correction, Color filter, Change clothes color, Change оbject color, Add lens flare, Color splash, Clipping Path, Blur background, Remove object from background, Smooth the skin, Add tattoo, Remove moles, Remove scars, Remove pimples, Remove eye bags, Hair color, Change eyes color, Lipstick, Manicure, Pedicure, Carnival masks, Funny mask, Scary masks, Christmas mask, Hide the face, Change background.

Is batch photo editing possible in RetouchMe?

In September 2023, a new project was launched - RetouchMe Pro (
RetouchMe Pro is a web service for outsourcing photo editing for professional photographers.
There, you choose the appropriate editing package (“Portrait retouching”, “Body retouching”, “Wedding retouching” and others) and upload photos for editing. Your photos will be edited within 24 hours.

Link to the RetouchMe Pro service:

Is it possible to upload PNG, TIFF, and RAW format files to RetouchMe?

In the RetouchMe app, you cannot upload photos in PNG, TIFF, RAW formats.
However, such formats can be uploaded to the web service - RetouchMe Pro (
RetouchMe Pro is a web service for outsourcing photo editing for professional photographers.
There, you choose the appropriate editing package ("Portrait retouching", "Body retouching", "Wedding retouching", and others) and upload photos for editing. Your photos will be edited within 24 hours.

Link to the RetouchMe Pro service:

Is the RetouchMe app paid or free?

The RetouchMe app is available for free download, however, photo editing services are chargeable. Your photos are edited by professional designers who specialize in retouching. They work at a professional level, so no one will guess that your photo has been edited.

To pay for services, the app uses an internal currency called "Credits". You can purchase "Credits" through subscriptions or one-time balance top-up packages.

Additionally, in the payment section, there's an option to "Earn Credits", where a method of obtaining "Credits" for free is offered.

What do you need to do to edit a photo in RetouchMe?

Simple steps to edit a photo in RetouchMe:

- Open the RetouchMe app.
- Select a photo from your gallery for editing.
- Choose from over 250 retouching services those you wish to apply to your photo.
- Send your request to our photo designers who are available 24/7.

Your photo will be processed by professional designers according to the retouching services you've chosen.
In 15-20 minutes, you will receive the professionally edited photo in the app, which you can save to your gallery or share on social media.

You don't have to edit the photo yourself. Our professional photo designers will do it for you.

What is the cost of editing a single photo in RetouchMe?

Each service has a specific cost in "Credits" (the app's internal currency), which depends on the complexity of the retouch. The total price of an order is determined by the sum of "Credits" for the services selected by the client for a particular order. Credits can be replenished through a subscription or by purchasing one-time top-up packages.

What is the minimum cost of editing a single photo in RetouchMe?

Each service is valued in a certain number of "Credits" - the app's internal currency. The cost depends on the complexity of the retouching.
The total cost of the order is calculated as the sum of "Credits" for all services selected by the client.

The minimum order cost is 20 credits, equivalent to $1 when purchasing the most basic package. When subscribing or buying larger packages, the cost of one "Credit" can be significantly lower.

How long does it take to process a photo in RetouchMe?

The processing time for an order depends on the number and complexity of the retouching services selected. Moreover, the processing time may increase due to a large queue of orders, especially during peak times when designers have many assignments. Clients have the option to use the "Skip the Queue" feature, paying an additional 50% of the order cost to get priority processing.
Typically, an order is ready within 15-20 minutes if no particularly complex retouching services were selected.

How to select retouching services for a group photo in RetouchMe?

If there are several people depicted in the photo, they will be automatically highlighted on the "Order" screen.
By selecting these markings, you specify which person the chosen retouching services will be applied to.
If, for some reason, the automatic highlighting didn't occur, you can manually select the people by pressing the "Group Retouch" button in the upper left corner of the "Order" screen.
If no person is selected, retouching services will be applied to the entire image.

If you are not satisfied with the photo editing result in RetouchMe, what should you do?

After receiving your order, if you are not satisfied with the result, you can send the photo back to the designer for revisions, specifying what exactly you did not like.

What should you do if none of the retouching services match your photo editing requirements?

For such cases, there is a "Text Instruction" service where you can describe in words the designer's instructions for editing the selected photo.

What are the advantages of a monthly subscription compared to purchasing one-time packages in RetouchMe?

With a monthly subscription, you receive more "Credits" compared to purchasing a one-time refill package at the same cost. This makes the cost of your orders cheaper. Furthermore, orders with a subscription are processed on a priority basis, allowing you to receive orders faster. However, keep in mind that unused "Credits" will be deducted from your balance when renewing or canceling the monthly subscription.

How to preserve the balance of "Credits" in RetouchMe when switching phones?

To preserve your "Credits" and processed photos, it's recommended to register in the app. This will be useful if you acquire a new phone.
By default, registration in the app is not required to place orders.

Who sees my photos in RetouchMe?

Photos you send to RetouchMe for editing are processed by our professional designers and returned directly to you. RetouchMe does not share your photos with third parties or other services.